EmSculpt … A Lazy Way
To Sculpt Your Abs and Ass

We all get lazy sometimes, right? I mean, haven’t you gone through an ‘I’m not working out’ phase? Well, I have and it usually happens when I’m looking my best. Learn More →

5 Bad Ass Skin Care Products
(& 9 less expensive alternatives!)

Now that I’m older I’m realizing more and more just how important skincare is in aging. Sure, there are neurotoxins, fillers, lifts and tucks, but none of those mean a damn thing if you’re not rocking healthy skin to support it.
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Jeuveau™ for Frown Lines
(cheaper than Botox®!)

jeauveau neurotoxinIf you’ve been seeking a cost effective alternative treatment for frown lines, then you have reason to celebrate! Meet your new favorite neurotoxin – Jeuveau. Learn More →

Spider Web Lift For Lifting Your Ass, Abs, Face, Arms, Breasts, Thighs, Knees…

What would you do for a long-lasting, youthful looking glow in your face, tighter, more defined abs, taut arms and a fantastic looking bum? Meet the Spider Web Lift. Learn More →