5 Awesome Things to Wear (2 of which you can’t afford not to!)

Having nothing to do with anything, but I love this image from Indulgy.com!

Recently, Mr. BeautyBlackBook and I went to The Rock the Runway Fashion Show with Sheryl Cooper. All of those beautiful clothes, and especially the cool ass bikinis,got me inspired to write an article about some of my favorite wearable items. Some for their utility, others for their beauty, but I’m super excited to share them with you!

Voda Swim Envy Push Up Bikini

Voda Swim Envy Push-Up Bikini

Voda Swim Envy Push-Up Bikini

So, we’re pretty much in pool season so I thought I’d give you the 411 on the Voda Swim Envy Push Up Bikini which uses patented Envy push-up technology to make your breasts appear two sizes larger.

I know that, in the beginning of the summer, I usually have a couple extra pounds in my mid-section, and my hips to breast ratio is a little ‘off’ (pear shape in da house!) so it’s always good to balance those hips with a little extra breastage.

It’s just an optical illusion I know, but it’s true, by adding a little breastage, you can balance out a thick waist and ample hips.

They have lots of styles and are super reasonably priced. For example,  At the time of this post, Voda’s having a Super Voda Swim Sale and that bikini up above is only $40 ($25 for the top and $15 for the bottom)!

The Perfect Invisible Bra – Spanx Bra-llelujah

Spanx Bra-llelujah Front Closure Invisible Bra

Spanx Bra-llelujah Front Closure Invisible Bra

I love wearing t-shirt’s.  Ya know, one’s that say things like ‘Come to the dark side. We have cookies’ or ‘Chillin’ with my gnomies’ with cute little velvet gnomes all over it. They make me smile whenever I catch a glimpse of my reflection. But what doesn’t make me smile are those icky bra lines in the back.

I can’t tell you how many bras I’ve tried in my quest to find one that won’t show under a snug fitting shirt. I’d read about a good one, buy it and it was always the same, bra lines. That nasty fat, or extra skin, will invariably kinda like ooze out of the sides, under your arms and across your back. I mean, that’s almost as bad as grandma panty lines!

Well, it took a while girls, but I have prevailed! I have found THE perfect t-shirt bra, the Spanx Bra-lleluja. It has a front closure and a seamless back. It’s actually invisible – it makes you look like your not wearing a bra at all! It’s not very sexy, and I wouldn’t recommend it on a first date, but this is my go to bra whenever I’m wearing anything fitted that would otherwise show my bra line.

heartThis should totally be in my Beauty Must’s category! I think I’ll add that now! Oh, and it comes in black too.

Hollywood Fashion Tape

Hollywood Fashion TapeI don’t know what I would DO without this stuff! Under boobs aren’t sexy ladies, and if you’re wearing a low cut shirt without a bra, ya gotta know that’s going to happen the moment you sit down. You won’t think about it as you race out the door applying your final layer of lip gloss because really, who checks their outfits sitting down in front of the mirror?

tara reid nip slipOr maybe you’re wearing a bra and your whole bra’s hanging out instead. Very trashy. But with Hollywood Fashion Tape you never have to worry about that again. It’s thinner and stickier than regular double-sided tape but won’t damage your clothing.

It’s also great to keep a loose shirt or dress from sliding off your shoulder, full on Tara Reid style. Although there are benefits to runaway nip’s, like one day I was running errands in a summer dress and had no idea why everyone was being soooo friendly…until I got home.

And it’s delicate on your skin. I’m allergic to bandaids for example, but these don’t bother my skin at all.

Kenneth Cole ‘Love-Haiti’ Sandal

Kenneth Cole Love-Haiti Sandal

Kenneth Cole Love-Haiti Sandal

Sick of flip-flops? Me too, so how excited was I to discover these Kenneth Cole Love-Haiti Sandals?  They’re super chic kick around shoes and they’re soles are actually made out of recycled tires, which I think is cool too, but that’s not the reason I love them. I love them because they are GORGEOUS and come in pretty bright summery red, or blue and tan for the more conservative.

And like a cherry on the top, when you buy a pair, the money goes to help the REBUILD Globally foundation to help rebuild Haiti after the devastating earthquake in 2010. Kenneth Cole has built hospitals and roads with the money. The price at time of publication is $69 a pair.

Vin-T Bikini

Phoenix Suns Vin-T Bikini

Vin-T Bikini for the Phoenix Suns

So, ya know that vintage Blondie T-Shirt you’ve had in the bottom of your drawer since the 80’s? Well imagine sporting that as a new bathing suit this season? You can thank the brilliance and creativity of Robin Ashford Macy who founded Vin-T Bikinis.

You can send her your own t-shirt or tell her what you want and she’ll scout it out for you!  You can order the top and bottom in different sizes as well as custom sizes for those of us that fall somewhere in between.

I’m totally going to get one of these, I’m just trying to decide on the t-shirt! Depeche Mode? The Cure (for when I’m standing on the beach with a gun in my hand)? Or if you’re a dork like me, the Sugarhill Gang.

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