Hallelujah!! My alli in Weight Loss is Back!

AlliI went to Steak44 the other night and had mac n’cheese, crispy asparagus, filet with bearnaise sauce and topped it all off with a peanut butter milkshake. Not my regular eating habit to be sure but a splurge now and then is good for everyone. Plus, I knew that my alli in weight loss was at home waiting.

What is Alli?

Alli is the OTC version of Orlistat, a drug prescribed by doctors for weight loss. It belongs to a class of drugs called lipase inhibitors that blocks 25% of the fat that you eat. If your wondering where that 25% goes that’s a very good question.

How Does alli Work?

Alliis a lipase inhibitors that blocks 25% of fat from your intestines. The fats that aren’t absorbed come out of your body in a very natural process. Bowel movements. In this respect I feel like alli works as a deterrent when eating fats.

Like, ‘Hmmm, if I eat this and take an alli I’ll crap my pants’.  Not exactly but sharts are not unheard of – for example, I would NEVER take an alli after the meal I ate last night then go to Pilates class this morning.

I admit that the form in which it leaves your body is not always pleasant. In case your interested – WARNING: GRAPHIC – It’s in this orange oily substance that smells like gasoline and leaves a ring in your toilet if you’re not careful. And basically you need to wear a maxi-pad around because it tends to, erm, leak out if you had a really fatty meal the night before.

This is not something I’d recommend taking after every meal, as is suggested for major weight loss, because you’ll possibly find yourself home bound. But it is a handy tool after a fatty indulgence once in a while. And it sounds like it would be super unhealthy but my doctor takes so I’m not a bit worried about putting this in my weight maintenance regimen.

Cost of alli

Today alli costs $49 for 120 units which, if you’re not a crazy fat eater, will last for a while!

Don’t get conned into buying the starter kit which runs like $30 more and comes with a little three pocket pill dispenser (like morning, noon and night) but, unless you have serious weight problems, at which point you should be seeing a doctor and getting the prescription strength version Orlistat, you will not be needing that nor the pocket sized diet book that also comes with it that you can check out on the alli website for free.

Make Money on alli?

alli product tampering

alli has been off the market for about a year and just came available again this month

Alli was off the market for a while due to product tampering. The Chinese loaded the market with something that looked like alli but wasn’t and GlaxoSmithKline was forced to take theirs off the market to keep people safe (one more reason to say “Damn Chinese!”…. no offense to Chinese people in general – that was a joke).

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