Anti Aging: A Guy’s Point of View (by Mr. BeautyBlackBook)

male and female symbolsMen and women are different. Really? Whoa! Stop the presses. This is news!

The fact is beyond dispute: men are different than women (and it’s a good thing). From a man’s point of view, we don’t always understand why women do what they do to maintain their youth, or really why they do all of the things that they do, period.

But I, for one, am very glad that they do.

It’s pretty well known that girls reach puberty first. Us guys are told that it’s just the way it is. Girls mature faster than boys which pretty much turns out to be true all life long.

Starting with the teen years girls are way ahead of us. Girls can put on makeup, wear clothes intended for their older sisters, and present themselves in ways that lead one to believe that they are older than their actual years.

Guys on the other hand, are kind of squeezed out of the equation – at least in the teen years. Girls our age are already looking for college boys, and hesitate not at all hesitant to point out that we are too immature for them. Considering girls older than us, for any other reason than to annoy, isn’t even in the realm of possibilities.

And younger girls, well they’re just younger, and that has no appeal until we are those college age guys being preyed upon by those aforementioned girls who are younger than we are.

Pretty funny, huh girls? Well let’s just see who is getting the last laugh.

Girls continue to mature at a faster rate than guys. The word “mature” is a broad reaching term. Girls tend to see their skin mature faster, and their hair matures to a shade of grey faster (feel free to replace the word ‘mature’ with the word ‘ages’). It’s just the way it is.

Some very prominent couples prove this out, George and Barbara Bush as one example.

George is about 1 year older than Barb

George is about 1 year older than Barb

We are getting to the crux of the matter.

I’m ten years older than my wife and she loves to tell me how I’m maturing into a distinguished looking dude. Okay, I exaggerate, but Botox and fillers are not part of my health and wellness regimen.

I’m in the last few years of my fifties and have been told that I am aging gracefully. I don’t think so, I’m just aging at the comparable rate from my teen years, and so are the girls. The girls are still ahead of us. Nothing different about the age  relationship. Just that it is a totally different experience for the girls.

They loved it when they were younger because they could get into the business of life faster, but now that maturing has a different meaning, it’s not as appealing. ‘Maturing’ has become ‘aging’ and now they want to push the brakes.

Lord, I was born a rambling man. Yes that is a song, but it’s also is a good way to describe  the  contents of this article so far.

Here’s the point.

Anti-aging techniques, products, and procedures are important to our better halves. Therefore, anti-aging techniques, products and procedures are important to us men. That is the message. That is the whole message.

Feeling good about oneself is so important. So guys, support your significant other in these things! The cost of anti-aging is cheap. Botox is just $10 per unit (ladies, that’s what you tell your man, the 40 unit part can stay between you and your doc). 🙂

I am proud to walk into any situation with my wife. I understand that she’s taking care of herself for her, but also that she likes to be the recipient of my attention, and feeling good about herself allows us to enjoy our life together

We are a team, and I would do anything for Kim Ann, be it Botox, fillers, laser or whatever. Why? Because she would do anything for me.

Support your women, men. It will improve your life!

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