Arm Exercises for Women: Push-ups Aren’t Just Meant for Bras, Ladies!

girl flexing armAnd dips aren’t just for chips! It’s a fact, some of us build muscle mass in the arms easier than others but diet and exercise can make a positive change for anyone.

If you have the discipline and the patience, give this a try and see if you can’t get those arms in shape!
This is probably also the most economical way to get your arms in shape. Eat right, do fat burning aerobic exercise, and incorporate arm muscle building exercises into your daily regimen. Let’s talk about the two key arm exercises for women,, push-ups and dips!


girl doing wall pushups

Wall Push-ups

Push-ups are hard, no doubt about it, so if you can’t drop to the floor and crank out a dozen push-ups, start with wall push-ups. This is a much better way to start building strength than those sissy knee push-ups.

Try standing about a half a foot from the wall, place your hands shoulder width apart and there ya go, you have taken the first step to making push-ups part of exercise regimen!

Try to do three sets of 12, and keep challenging yourself.

The ideal situation is to be able to get into the plank position, with your hands forming a diamond directly below your breastbone, and knock out three sets of eight.

girl doing diamond push-up

Diamond Push-Up

Diamond push-ups have been scientifically proven to be work more arm muscles at the highest intensity than any other arm exercise. If you can master the diamond push-up you can expect faster results than any other arm exercise you can do (plus you get some back definition as a bonus!).

Tricep Dips

Tricep Dips work the triceps which is that flabby part underneath that we all value and love.;) Dips can be done at anytime, anywhere. Do you have a step or a stair in your house? Sit right in front of it with your legs extended. If you don’t use a chair, or even your bed!

girl doing dips

Dip for Strong Triceps!

Shimmy back a bit and put your hands on the step, and start lowering and raising yourself. Three sets of twenty would be amazing, but if you can only do three, then three sets of three, and keep progressing.

The thing I love about these is that you don’t feel them when your doing them but believe me, after doing these for a week or so you can feel the difference.

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