‘Ask the Doc’ Episode One : Blood Work Values to Watch as We Age

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Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to ask a doctor a question, straight up? And get a straight answer? Without having to go to their office and without all of the caveats? Enter Dr. Andrea Spira-O’Connor!

I saw a need for a doctor’s input when a reader asked me what was important to know what values to watch on her blood work. I was like, ‘Uh. Erm. Em…” and immediately though of the person who could answer such a question, my doctor and friend Dr. Andrea Spira O’Connor of Phoenix Integrative Medicine.

Dr. Andrea Spira-O’Connor is a licensed primary care physician and an NMD (naturopathic medical doctor). She’s conservative in her practice, meaning that I know, with no uncertain doubt, that anything she recommends, medically or aesthetically, is something that’s safe, low risk and absolutely going to be effective.

The good doc does my Botox, fillers, and cares for my health as well as Mr. BeautyBlackBook’s. I trust in her and am happy to tell you that she is available to answer your questions and curiosities regarding antiaging health, with a western and eastern point of view. The only limitation of what can be asked, is totally up to you. This is intended to be real answers for real concerns.

Obviously, we can only address generic issues. This is not a platform for a doctor to diagnose a specific personal medical situation or anything like that. Check out our first video to get a feel of what I mean.

Mr. BeautyBlackBook (who now goes by Mr. BeautyBlackBook) interviews the good doc about blood work values to watch, while I am in the other room getting an acupuncture facial (which I’ll talk about in a coming article).

Keep an eye out for her column on the left sidebar, which I’ve made space for and am working on diligently!

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