Four Words I Never Thought I’d Say: ‘At Home Hair Color’

girl with blond hair

My Hair After Highlighting with L’oreal Feria C100

Dull hair color makes a dull girl. Having experience it, I can state that as a fact. And, that is why I opted for some at home hair color. Something I would NEVER normally but, I’m super glad I did!

Here’s why:

I had very bad cold fusion hair extension experience.  After they were taken out, half of my hair population decided to jump ship via the bathtub drain, and the rest continued to taunt me with the very real possibility of following suit.

So, as my roots began to grow, I gathered what was left of my pride (and my hair), and slunk my way to my hair guru, Rebecca Taylor (who warned me against that type of hair extension) , told me ‘So sorry girl but you’ve gotta give that hair a break or there’s a big chance for more breakage’.

So I decided to go ombre for a bit, and also to get close and personal with some deep conditioners.

My Foray With Ombre

My Foray With Ombre

This was cool for a bit. Kind of funky in a carefree way. Like Drew Barrymore. But when I woke up one morning, and staring back from the mirror was Courtney Love without the track marks it had to go, and FAST because the grey was moving in.

It became an urgent matter a couple days later, perusing old Facebook pic’s. The Kim Ann I know was there, in all her golden glory.
girl with long blond hairNo more waiting. Time to do my roots!

The problem was that I was afraid of damaging the hair I had left, so what to do? Well, I googled a search for ‘healthy hair color’, or ‘safe hair dye’ or something, and like a sign from God, I found out about Olaplex [angels in harmony], a way to color your hair WITHOUT THE DAMAGE!

ask your colorist about olaplex

beautyblackbook tipsRead more about this amazing stuff at ‘Olaplex – Dye Your Hair Without the Damage’ and check out my Olaplex review too!

Within minutes I was on the horn with Rebecca, only to find that her salon wouldn’t be getting the Olaplex until a few weeks later Bummed, I made my appointment and got ready for the wait.

L’oreal Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Highlighting Kit (C100)

L'oreal Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Highlighter C-100

L’oreal Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Highlighter C-100

As I endured the long days awaiting my hair appointment, Mr BeautyBlackBook decided he was in the mood to go platinum blonde. So we went to our local drugstore and I saw the L’oreal Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Highlighting Kit #C100. 

I got another kind for my hubby, but was so disgusted with my own mousy dullness that I picked up a box of the L’oreal for me.

I hadn’t colored my own hair since my teens but, PTSD or not, I was going to give this pretty simple hair highlighter a try.

How it Went Down

L’Oreal Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Highlighting Kit makes it easy with these 4 Easy Steps:

1. Pour the powder pouch labeled #3 into bottle number two.

2. Pour bottle number one into bottle number two and shake it all up.

3. Apply the mixed up solution in bottle #2 on the application brush and brush it through the chunks you’d like to brighten up a bit.

Demo of Applying Hair Color with L'Oreal Brush

Reenactment of Applying Hair Color with L’Oreal Brush (taken after the fact)

4. Leave it in for 30 minutes or for a more dramatic look maybe 45. I left mine in for 40 to be safe’ish’.

Then just wash your hair with the Shimmer Boost Hydrating Conditioner and…

Ta Dahhhh!

BEFORE using at home hair color by L’Oreal Feria:

mousey brown hair

AFTER applying at home hair color by L’Oreal Feria:

Hair After Highlighting with Loreal Feria C100

My Hair After Highlighting with Loreal Feria C100

Not to cause any confusion – my butt will be back in Rebecca’s chair for the complete overhaul on my roots, but, when I’m in a pinch, I have no hesitation whipping out a happy box of Loreal Feria Highlighting Kit in C-100.

Hope you enjoyed!beauty black book let your beauty shine

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