Back Dimples Surgery for Fake Back Dimples? Seriously.

back dimples venus dimplesLips, hips, thighs, chin, eyes, cheeks, hands, arms, butts, eyelashes, nails, neck, tummy, girl parts, and now back dimples? The latest body enhancement treatment is unusual but if there’s a market…

Lower back concavity isn’t a thing anymore, but a THING and ladies want it. Back dimples, or Venus dimples have become a coveted symbol of youth and athleticism (and a new way for docs to make some jack).

What are Back Dimples?

venus dimples

Back dimples are those little divots that some of us have on our lower back just above our rear. They are also romantically referred to as Venus Dimples and are the latest way for people to augment their appearance.

Basically, enterprising doctors have turned an area of our body, that we never see and probably never thought about (I mean how many of us stand in front of the mirror staring at our back), into one more way for girls to feel inadequate.

But, whatever else it is, it’s another way that us middle-aged beauties can recreate our youthfulness.

What is Back Dimples Surgery?

before and after back dimples surgery

Before and After Back Dimple Surgery

Back Dimples Surgery is a surgical procedure that removes fat from your lower back creating back dimples or Venus dimples.

Back Dimple Surgery can go by different names so when you read about the Dimples En V, Barbie Back or V-spot treatment, which is confusing since, in the U.S., V-spot treatments usually involves a steamer or laser in our nether regions, then you’ll know what they’re talking about.

The ‘V’ area refers to the upside down triangle area on your lower back just above your – for lack of a better term – butt crack.

How it Goes Down

vaserlipo illustration

Your doctor will use a liposuction unit, usually the Vaserlipo® (VASER® Liposection), to remove fat from that area.

Dr. Amanda Wong-Powell uses Vaserlipo® (aka VASER Liposelection) that employs ultrasonic energy in a controlled way to enable her to remove very specific areas of fat.

  • The doctor will mark the areas of incision
  • You will be numbed – if it’s me I’d be down for the count
  • One or two small incisions will be made
  • A thin cannula is inserted into the incision
  • Ultrasound energy is applied, breaking down the fat but keeping the connective tissue and everything else besides the fat, intact

You will leave in a compression garment that you will have to wear for ten days. You will start noticing a difference within 3 weeks with the final result in about 4 months.

Now, what would you guess a back dimple is worth? About $3,000 a piece.

The cost of the surgery ranges from $6,000 and up.  As more people start doing it the price will surely go down.

Summing It Up

I have back dimples and I’m not ‘fit’ so I’m pretty sure that the addition of back dimples on an otherwise unfit body won’t make a lick of difference to your over all visage.

However, if you want to do a fat transfer but have no extra fat to pull from then this could be a good option for you as it’s the one place on your body where a little divot is a good thing.

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