Botox for Jowls, Ladies! (need I say more?)

That’s right! Botox isn’t just for frown lines anymore! Check out what it can do for your jowls!

In 2013 I visited NYC and popped by the doctor’s office who initiated me into the world of Botox, Dr. Fredric Brandt. He was like Edward Scissorhands all over my jaw and neck and eyes and forehead – but just on one side of my face so I could see the difference.

When he held up the mirror I felt like I was in a time machine. My right side looked like when I met him 20 years ago! After he did the other side of my face, I decided that I wanted to learn exactly what the Botox did to have such a strong effect.

So, I started with the jowls – the bane of every middle-aged woman’s existence.

How Botox Works

Botox is a neuromodulator that is used to relax muscles to help smooth and prevent wrinkles on your face and neck. Today we’re going to talk about our jawline, or better described, our jOwline. (If you don’t get the joke then bless your heart, you will in a few years.)

As we age, the muscles in our lower face shrink and tighten. When this happens, they pull our face down forming jowls.

I was noticing this on my face more and more. The other day I looked in the mirror and was wondering why I was so sad looking when it occurred to me that it was just my damned depressor anguli oris!

The Depressor Anguli Oris and the Platysma are responsible for pulling down the lower face.

The Depressor Anguli Oris and the Platysma are responsible for pulling down the lower face.

The depressor anguli oris and the platysma are the key culprits to a sagging jawline. The depressor anguli oris connects directly to the orbicularis oris, and when it tightens it pulls down the corners of your mouth which causes the pooling of skin that we call jowls.

Then we’ve got the platysma which was previously thought to mainly effect the neck area. Now those, more an more plastic surgeons are operating on the premise that the platysma is responsible for a lot of our lower face aging.

And you can understand why.


The Platysma

So, in using Botox for eliminating or minimizing the jowls for a stronger jawline, the two muscles to hit are those.

How it Goes Down

That hottie with the needle is Dr. Michelle Cabret-Carlotti. The other one is me. Dr. Michelle injected the depressor blah blah along where it meets the jawline. Then got the platysma right under neath the jawline.

It worked!

Botox for Jowls Results

Before and After Botox along my Jawline

Before and After Botox along my Jawline

My jowls Before the Botox:

before botox profile shots

And here are my jowls two days later:

after botox profile shots

That is a pretty big difference to me! I have no makeup on in any of those pics, so you can see the true difference. It took 30 units and they were injected here:location of botox injections at jaw line

Cost of Botox for Jowls

Botox costs about $10 per unit. At the time of this treatment the price was just $8 so I paid $240 for the whole procedure. I will do this again. And again. And again!peace out signature

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