Lip Plumping (Part 2): Botox for Lips

I LOVE to find a new purpose for an old product! That is why I’m so excited to talk about Botox for lips.

I discovered this tidbit quite by chance. Recently, I went to my Botox guru Nancy Knoll, who works out of Dr. Robert Meger’s office in Phoenix, and mentioned my concern about the small vertical lines starting to form on my upper lip. She suggested Botox.

The Botox worked swimmingly for those bitty lines, but with an unexpected side effect – it flipped my upper lip into a pretty little pout!

beautyblackbook tipsBotox is not the only neuromodulator around. I use Botox and it’s the one that I prefer but there is also Xeomin and Dysport. Discuss with your injector which is right for you.

How Botox Works

Botox is largely marketed for smile lines (those ones around your eyes), frown lines (the 11’s in between your eyebrows) and forehead lines (we all know what those are). I’ve also told you about how Botox can help an aging neck and a sagging jowl line, so you may know that Botox, or any neuromodulator for that matter, works by relaxing or paralyzing the muscle.

In regards to the lips, that muscle is called the orbicularis oris.

Obicularis Oris

Obicularis Oris

The orbicularis oris is the muscle responsible for closing the lips, compressing them against the teeth, protruding them and shaping them when you talk.

When injecting botox in two (very specific) spots along the vermillion border (not on the lips! just above), the upper orbicularis oris will relax, causing your upper lip to flip a bit.

beautyblackbook tipsIt’s important that your injector knows exactly where the Botox goes, as injecting it even a millimeter off can cause your lips to flatten – not what we’re trying to accomplish here.

How it Goes Down

First the area is cleaned. Next your injector may give you ice to numb the area a bit, since the upper lip can be more sensitive than when injecting Botox in other places on the face.

If you’re an old hand like me then you really don’t need it. It’s nothing I swear!

Here’s how it goes down:

It’s a great option if you’d just like a bit of fullness in the upper lip. It only takes 4 units of Botox and lasts 8 to 10 weeks. At $40 it costs SO much less than fillers which run $450 and up. Also, it’s much more temporary so if you don’t dig the look you know it will be gone in a few weeks.

Oh, and it’s subtle. No chance of sausage lips with Botox.

beautyblackbook tipsDO NOT be someone’s guinea pig for this treatment! And NEVER let anyone inject more than 2 units on each side (4 units total) or you may end up unable to grip a fork or straw or end up with a gummy smile.

Exciting stuff! Botox for lips. Who knew?

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