Cellfina Treatment for Cellulite is Here!

cellulite dimples are identified and marked

Cellfina is here! I told you I’d keep you informed the MOMENT Cellfina is available to the public, so here it is! If you aren’t keeping up to date with BeautyBlackBook beauty posts then you may not know about Cellfina for Cellulite.  If you don’t please feel free to check it out. I’ll wait…

So, as you can see, Cellfina is the latest and greatest treatment for cellulite. When I wrote about it a couple of months ago it wasn’t available to the public, but lucky for us, it is now!

I also found this handy video so you can see how it goes down:


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UPDATE: Since publishing this article, physicians have learned a lot about the results of the Cellfina. It definitely gets rid of cellulite if cellulite is indeed the problem.

If you gently pull your skin and the dimpling goes away then the problem is most likely skin laxity. Unfortunately Cellfina does not tighten the skin and if skin laxity is the issue then you may want look into other options.

I tried the Venus Freeze treatments for skin laxity in my legs and arms. You can read about that here.


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