Decollette Pads to Lose Those Chest Wrinkles (while you sleep!)

decollette pad

Do you wake up with vertical lines on your chest? It’s one of the happy signs of aging and if ya don’t, you will.

In the beginning they go away after a few hours, but when you reach a certain age, you’ll notice that they stay longer and longer until eventually they become permanent.

But I don’t get them anymore. Not after discovering the decollette pad!

What are Decollette Pads?

Decollette Pads are heart-shaped cutouts made out of 100% medical grade silicone that affix to your chest without using adhesive. You wear one at night when you sleep and it keeps your chest skin from wrinkling when you lay on your side.

This is what they look like:

decollette pad

Girl wearing a decollette pad

The technical explanation is that it provides electrostatic energy which improves the irregular collagen structure and creates an increased blood flow that results in improved skin tone.

Before Decollette Pad

chest lines

My chest after NOT wearing a decollette pad for 2 nights in a row

After Decollette Pad

Believe me, this handy little invention works. Here is my chest the next day after just one night of sleeping with the decollette pad:

chest after crop

My chest after 1 night using decollette pad

No exaggeration! No makeup or photo manipulation there (I wouldn’t know how to do that anyway).

These actually work! I use one religiously every night. You can barely tell that it’s there when you’re sleeping and when you take it off your skin doesn’t have all those creases it normally does from lying on your side.

It’s transparent and barely perceptible so if you’re concerned about your significant other, just wait until he’s asleep and I guarantee he’ll (she’ll)  never even notice!

And, it’s hypoallergenic. I’m actually allergic to adhesive but these don’t irritate my skin in the least.

Cost of Decollette Pads

The best ones that I’ve tried are the  SilcSkin™ Decollette Pad  for $29 ish and the Bellini™ DermaPad for half the price, 2 for $26.95.

One decollette pad lasts about 6 weeks and I use them every night. And, if you’re diligent about washing them with non-oily soap, you can make them last longer.

silcskin decollette pad

SilcSkin Decollette Pad ($24.95)

bellini dermapad

Bellini Dermapads (2 FOR $26.95)

The cost to value on these is really exceptional. This is a no-brainer ladies!

And, they also sell neck wrinkle pads for the same purpose! If I ever teach you anything – let these pads be that thing!


P.S. Take a look at my girlfriend’s Decollette Experiment for a good chuckle!

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