Dermaplaning for Skin Like a Baby’s Butt. Really!

dermaplaningDermaplaning is a staple in my skin care regimen. My bi-monthly treatment leaves my face feeling like a baby’s butt (without the diaper rash).

A trained professional, in 45 minutes, with a scalpel can glow up your skin like nobody’s business! And yes, I said scalpel. Super sharp and applied to the most noticeable places on your body, but don’t get freaked out. It’s really not as scary as it sounds.

What is Dermaplaning?

Sometimes referred to as ‘dermabrasion‘ (but not to be confused with microdermabrasion), dermaplaning employs the use of a scalpel against your facial, neck and decollete skin for the purpose of removing dead cells.

And, as a happy aside, it removes that annoying peach fuzz we all love to pretend that doesn’t exist. Good times.

3 Benefits of Dermaplaning

There are three huge benefits of dermaplaning. As long as it’s done on a regular basis.

1. Exfoliation

No way around it, if you want glowing skin, you have to exfoliate. Exfoliation removes the layer of dead skin cells on the top layer of skin, which can make your skin dull and make your skin care products less effective.

2. Removing Facial Hair

Facial hair is a guy thing. Period. Vellus hairs, those light fine baby hairs that grow on your face, endearingly referred to as peach fuzz, camel chin, or moustache, should always be removed when they are no longer something private between you and your mirror but a topic of general conversation, and dermaplaning does just that.

beautyblackbook tipsTIP: DO NOT be tempted to whip out your Lady Bic®! I tried that once and lost a perfectly innocent mole in the process and found that most of those hairs survived regardless.

3. Smooth out Scarring

Dermaplaning is a great first resort for smoothing out post-surgical scarring as well as minor acne scars. It’s quick and cost-effective which can be invaluable when addressing challenges such as those.

How it Goes Down

Basically, a physician or licensed aesthetician lightly runs a scalpel across the top layers of your skin. Pretty self-explanatory but I thought I’d share my post-CO2 dermaplaning experience.

Cost of Dermaplaning

The cost depends on where you go but I can give you a broad idea and say that I’ve paid anywhere from $45 to $95 across the country for this procedure.

Make sure to go to an experienced aesthetician, or even better, a physician. Otherwise, you can end up with nicks, scars, or just not getting the level of treatment for the best results.


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