EmSculpt … A Lazy Way To Sculpt Your Abs and Ass

We all get lazy sometimes, right? I mean, haven’t you gone through an ‘I’m not working out’ phase? Well, I have and it usually happens when I’m looking my best.

First, I skip a workout for that can’t-be-avoided appointment (like Botox or lunch with a friend I haven’t seen for a long time 😉).

Next, I shrug it off to sleep in a bit (probably from the extended lunch with my friend). After a few more times and I’m still not a heifer I keep up the bad behavior until I’ve stopped working out completely.

(next come the Cheeto’s but that’s outside the scope of this article)

Before too long, everything’s flapping everywhere, and once I have room for storing things under my ass cheeks, I start all over again. And that happens much quicker as you age by the way. AND it’s way harder to bounce back. #iloveaging.

Well, I’m in dire straits now which is why I decided to try the EmSculpt by BTL Aesthetics to lift up my rearend (thanks Dr. Burgmeier!).

teeny heartHowever, even if you’re a balls-to-the-wall exercise enthusiast you should know that the EmSculpt treatment can help you reach a whole new level of muscle tone, mainly in the abs and buttock area

What is EmSculpt?

EmSculpt is an FDA approved energy-based muscle toning device (procedure) that reduces fat, increases muscle size, and contours bulging body parts such as your abs, waist and buttocks.

And when I say ‘contour’ I mean it works off excess fat (on abs) while toning the area, all at the same time, lifting those butt cheeks and six-packing those abs.

It’s an ideal option for anyone about 20-60 years old, who is in reasonable shape but want enhanced definition on their abs or buttocks.

teeny heartThis means, if you’ve tipped the scales into obesity you may want to look into CoolSculpting or Sculpsure or something. Emsculpt won’t be as helpful.

Now, let’s get to the science behind this yummy body altering procedure.

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The Science Behind EmSculpt

The technology behind EmSculpt is called  High-Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic (HIFEM) energy.

HIFEM energy creates a magnetic field so powerful, and so selective, that the motor neurons are activated at the skeletal level, triggering deep supramaximal contractions – stronger than you can experience in any kind of workout.

Voluntary vs. Supramaximal Contractions

Voluntary vs. Supramaximal Contractions

(A single session is the same as 20,000 sit-ups or squats)

Since the supramaximal muscle contractions are so deep and fast our body begins  muscle hypertrophy.

Muscle hypertrophy is when the body increases muscle mass on the skeletal structure by growing extra muscle fibers and new protein strands.

This is why the treatment calls for 4 to 6 repeat treatments in close succession. So the body develops momentum and the brain sends enough signals to accumulate more muscle fibers in a short period of time.

Muscle hypertrophy uses a lot of energy.  A certain amount of energy is standard for the body but once we get over the norm more fat cells are depleted starting a process called lipolysis, or the breakdown of fat and that’s how the Emsculpt carves down inches.

That being said, the EmSculpt has settings to control lipolysis so that it only occurs when you treat your abs but not your butt as that would defeat the purpose (pooching out that badonkadonk).

How it goes down

It’s really pretty laid back. You will simply be asked to either lay on your back when treatment your abs and your stomach when treating your butt.

Next, the laser tech will wrap a strap around your ab area or buttocks with some super strong velcro.

Then they will slide the handpieces under the strap to keep them nice and snug against your body.  The tech will put either one paddle or two depending on your size.

It does not hurt but it does feel a little strange in a funny sort of way (as you can see above).

The funny thing is that even though you get a hella workout you won’t feel sore. This is due to alternating rythms, one with a focus on releasing lactic acid so you don’t get too sore.

Results of Emsculpt

See for yourself.

Cost of Emsculpt

The overall cost of the sessions may range from $750-$3000.  However, follow-up sessions are usually given at a discount.

Emsculpt consists of four sessions (minimum) twice a week, and you should see the final results within three months of the last treatment however post-treatment maintenance sessions are also recommended.

My doc recommended six treatments, one or two a week (which says a lot about my ass – thanks Doc B ).

I’m getting my first, well re-first, treatment next week. I will let you know the results when I’m done.

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