The Enerjet2.0 for Non-Invasive Skin Rejuvenation

Today I’m stoked to tell you about the Enerjet2.0, the coolest needle and laser free skin rejuvenation treatment on the market! 

The Enerjet2.0 can safely and effectively rejuvenate your skin without using needles or lasers (and without any limitations on skin tone!).

What Is The Enerjet2.0™?

The Enerjet 2.0 is a handheld unit uses JVR technology to infuse large amounts of high-mass hyaluronic acid underneath your skin.

The Enerjet 2.0 is used to treat skin laxity, acne scars, stretch marks, and large pores with no downtime and no pain.

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally produced viscous substance that maintains the moisture in our skin. As kiddos we’re loaded with the stuff but as we age environmental factors, such as air pollution and free radicals, kills it all making our skin look sallow, flat, parched and old.

AND it can be used on all skin types (unlike many lasers) and anywhere on your body.

What Is JVR Tecnology?

JVR (jet volumetric remodeling) technology harnesses kinetic energy, or the energy of motion, to blast hyaluronic acid into the skin with enough force (150 meters per second) to break the skin barrier delivering it into the epidermis.

Upon doing so the skin is given an immediate radiance but also creates micro-lesions underneath.

Those micro-lesions prompt our bodies’ healing response  neocollagenesis causing the body to produce a crap load of collagen, (more than we need)  in order to fix the damage to the skin eventually making our skin tighter and more supple.

teeny heartALL skin  procedures dealing with the laxity or texture work by starting the neocollagenesis process in the treatment areas.

The filling effects of the high-mass hyaluronic acid (HA) chillin’ right beneath the top layer of skin, immediately fills in fine lines and small scars as well as leaving your skin with a nice (post-sex’y) glow.

Collagen takes 4 to 10 weeks to grow so the tightening effect should appear within 3 to 6 months, depending on your bodies healing response.

How it Goes Down

The process is pretty straight forward. First, the good doc applies lidocaine, or another numbing agent, to the treatment area.

Next, in about 30 minutes or time enough for the numbing to take place, they will sterilize your skin.

Your practitioner will place one hand on the skin to make it taut while applying the Enerjet2.0 to the treament area, like this:

(he’s not crying but he doesn’t look happy either)

It takes only minutes to complete each area being treated. Most people describe feeling pressure during the treatment and it should not hurt.

After using the Enerjet2.0, a topical cream is applied to sooth the skin.

Your skin will be more supple immediately after the treatment because of that yummy hyaluronic acid under the top layer but you will also notice some white colored papules that usually disappear after three hours or so.

For 4-14 days following treatment the tiny entry points may be visible but are easily covered with light makeup. It is recommended to schedule 3 appointments 4 weeks apart to experience maximum results from the treatment.

Side effects of the Enerjet2.0 treatment are minimal but include tenderness, minimal swelling, pain, or itching at the treatment site. Few patients have experienced hematoma (bruising) that cleared within a week.

Energet Treatment Results

CCface before and after enerjet

Cost of Enerjet2.0

The price can range from $75 to the sky depending on the treatment area.

I am TOTALLY getting this on my neck and I’ll let you know how it goes!

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