Recent Research Suggests That Exercise Can Reverse Signs of Aging in Your Skin

girl running on beachAccording to research presented at the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine’s annual meeting, exercise can reverse signs of aging in the skin.

Yup. It’s true! I mean if you look at a 60 year old who’s sedentary versus one that is active and exercises you can definitely notice a difference in their skin. I have a personal example – my mother-in-law plays tennis, golf, does water aerobics and doesn’t look a day over 60 (and she’s 77!).

I remember when my largely sedentary grandmother was her age and the comparison is like night and day. This is just anecdotal evidence, so let’s talk about the scientific side of things.

Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky, MD, PhD, and his team of researchers, used twenty-nine, 65 or older, exercise-averse volunteers and took a graft of skin from the area least likely to suffer from sun damage, they’re rear ends and studied it under the microscope.

Then the volunteers participated in an endurance training program. They had to work out twice a week doing something cardio like jogging or cycling at at least 65 percent of their maximum aerobic capacity for 30 minutes.

After three months of this exercise routine they took another sample of the volunteers butt skin and found that under a microscope, their skin after three months of exercise was similar to that of a 20-40 year old.

The researchers don’t know exact how it happens but believe there may be a link between the production of a myokine called IL-15, exercise and skin density, because the levels found in the after samples were 50 percent higher than when the volunteers were not exercising.

It is unlikely that a pill or serum with IL-15 will ever replicate the benefits of a good workout (if your anything like me that is exactly what you were thinking) so don’t get too excited but I’ll keep an eye out just in case!

So, now we have another reason to get off our behinds and EXERCISE! I’ve been pretty bad lately and perhaps this new study will be the motivation I need to get back on track!

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