BeautyBB Product Review: Exuviance Sheer Daily Protector SPF 50

exuviance sheer daily protector spf50

BeautyBlackBook rating 5 heartsThe Exuviance Sheer Daily Protector SPF 50 is my all time favorite sunscreen for everyday use.

I love it first because it’s a mineral based protectant / physical blocker.

The difference between a physical blocker and a chemical blocker is that a physical blocker actually forms a protective barrier between your skin and UV Rays, whereas chemical blockers absorb the UV rays and takes up to 20 minutes after application to start working.

Also, chemical blockers have to be reapplied every couple of hours as opposed to physical blockers which can last for 4 or 5.

I have melasma and I am sticking with mineral-based physical blockers because I just feel more protected.


beautyblackbook tipsYou can tell a physical blocker by the ingredients. If you see an ingredient ‘ -oxide’ at the end, then it’s physical.

I love the Exuviance Sheer Daily Protector SPF 50 because, with both zinc-oxide and titanium-oxide you are protected from UVA and UVB rays.

But, finding sunscreen with both ingredients isn’t the only thing that has excited me about this sunscreen. What really separates the Exuviance from others is:

  • The slight pigment that covers inconsistencies in your skin.
  • The thin, sheer, light, formula that doesn’t look like pancake makeup.
  • The Polyhydroxy Acid’s (PHA’s) that attract water to the skin keeping it fed and happy, reduce wrinkles like AHA’s but with less irritation, fight free radicals and lighten hyperpigmentation over time.
  • Has Green Tea Extract which helps rejuvenate skin cells, neutralizes UV Light, and fights free radicals.
  • It’s non-comedogenic and doesn’t clog your pores
exuviance sheer daily protector thin consistency

Exuviance Sheer Daily Protector SPF 50  has a sheer, thin consistency.

I love this sunscreen because it doesn’t feel like a mask when I put it on. It’s physically blocking UV rays from my skin but you can’t even tell you have it on!

And the pigment matches my skin whether it’s tanned or not. It morphs to match my skin color! You can layer it for more coverage, it still goes on airy and looks really sheer.

exuviance sheer daily protector

Exuviance Sheer Daily Protector is imperceptible.

But, Exuviance ain’t cheap chickideecas. A 1.78oz bottle of the Exuviance Sheer Daily Protector is about $34, which is why I don’t slather this all over my body but limit it to my face, neck and decollete area.

I have sensitive skin and I just love it!

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