Getting Your Hubby On Board (by Mr. BeautyBlackBook)

man using illumask in shampoo bowlGetting your hubby on board with your beauty regimen is a plus. There are two huge benefits. The first, is that you will have a much easier time getting him to go along with the cost of beauty products and procedures.

And the second, is that you can offload your beauty enhancing rejects to him. Obviously the reject verbiage is just between us, because in actuality, one person’s reject can be another person’s hit product.

mani pedi

Pedicure with KimAnn

I’m a huge supporter of Kim Ann having the desire to look her best, and to spend the time and money on preserving her beauty, be it skin tone, hair treatments, or keeping her closet filled with the clothes that make her look and feel good.

This is to the benefit of us both. When your wife looks good and feels good, it should give you a feeling of pride. It also keeps you on your toes regarding the way you look and feel. Nobody wants to be the non-descript or dumpy looking guy with the beautiful wife! So get involved. At the very least, it will improve the relationship you share with her.

My skin has never looked or felt better than it does now. I have been the guinea pig, and/or recipient of some of the beauty enhancing products that my wife has tried, and for one reason or another, are no longer on her continued use list. These are products that I would just not go out and buy for myself. For two reasons.

They are designed for women, and I just am not that conscientious about taking care of my skin. But they have been really good for me. Let me share a sampling of what I mean.

I’ll start with a softball. It’s two words I would have never imagined that I would utter in reference to anything that I would do -mani pedi. Yes, manicure and pedicure. If you want to get your man to go with you, here’s how to sell it. You sit in a large leather massage chair, while a cute little girl leans forward, facing you on a stool while massaging your legs.

Done deal.

man getting fotofacial

Me getting a fotofacial with the Lumenis Vasculite laser

Microdermabrasion and Fotofacial are two examples of procedures I would never have tried had it not been to accompany my love. These are two very good procedures that will preserve the youthfulness of your skin, and can actually reduce the appearance of sun damaged skin.

illumask and hair max

KimAnn’s treating my hair with the HairMax Advanced 7 LaserComb while I chill out during an Illumask light therapy session

HairMax Advanced 7 LaserComb

Recently, when KimAnn had her little cold fusion hair extension debacle and thought she was losing her hair, she ran out and bought the HairMax Advanced 7 LaserComb. It’s one of the better hand-me-downs I’ve received as it’s the only at-home FDA cleared medical device to promote new hair growth, and it seems to be working.

I like it better than Rogaine, and there are no side effects. You simply turn it on, and spend about 15 minutes brushing your thin spots. Do this three or four times a week, and you will notice a difference in approximately one month.


So as not to overwhelm you, I’ll finish with the IlluMask at-home light therapy mask. You buy the mask, which makes you look a little like Freddie Kruger, except there are no eye holes (although they do offer that option as well).

You turn it on, and it pulses light on your skin for 15 minutes. The treatment is done nightly, and you continue until the mask has no more juice which is after 30 sessions.

Do they all work as advertised? Maybe. But more yes than not yes. I am glad to be using them all, and look forward to more. I love it when KimAnn grabs me and applies the newest whatever to my skin.

I am involved, engaged, and younger looking than when I first got on board. I highly recommend taking this route with your wife’s beauty preserving regimen. Otherwise you are missing out on sharing something special, and you are giving up precious together time.

Let her beauty shine, and get in there to soak up some of the rays!mr.beautyblackbook red 

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