Grande Naturals Face Lift Finishing Serum Review

grande naturals face lift serumBeautyBlackBook rating 5 heartsThe Grande Naturals Face Lift Finishing Serum  is a good temporary fix for wrinkles and lines. It is a product that you slather onto your skin in layers and it fills in the uneven areas of skin to make them look more smooth and conformed. I tried it on my neck, and although I’m not really a big advocate to this kind of masquerade regarding my skin, I have to tell you it works!

Before Applying the Grande Naturals Face Lift Finishing Serum

I got a sample from one of my sample subscriptions and left it in the box for a while because I prefer to service my skin in a way that my skin doesn’t need this type of masquerade! However, I tried it and I have to admit, I was quite impressed.

After Applying the  Grande Naturals Face Lift Finishing Serum

after grande natural face lift finishing serum

After applying two quick layers of Grande Naturals Face Lift Serum

It definitely smoothed out the lines a bit. Like magic actually. I applied a layer and let it dry for a couple of seconds then added another. You can add as many layers as you want as long as you give time in between to dry.

Grande Naturals Face Lift Finishing Serum is really lightweight and actually feels freshening when it’s applied. It’s good camo ladies, not a forever solution but if you’re going to a special event and want to fill in the crevasses, for just $39 a bottle, this can be an excellent option.

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