Hair Extensions – Not just for Kardashians

Just the name itself would lead you to believe that hair extensions are designed to lengthen your hair. Well they are. And properly placed, hair extensions will do just that, and look as natural as your own hair. The fact is there is another, perhaps even more important to feeling good about how you look, reason.

Why Get Hair Extensions?

Thinning hair. Duh.

Did you think that losing one’s hair is reserved solely for men? Women lose their hair for the same reason as men.  It’s hereditary, but there is another easily understood reason.

Treated hair, especially hair that has been treated for many years, just isn’t healthy. That hair is brittle, and it will break and fall out. There are topical solutions, but for me, I want instant gratification.The hair extensions that are in my hair now, are there for both reasons.

These are not my first extensions, so I know a little about the subject.

The Types of Hair Extensions that Matter:

Heat Fusion (or Bonded) Hair Extensions 

These are comprised of small groups of hair held together with either Keratin or Nylon and use a heat tool to bond directly to your hair. They last as long as it takes for your hair to grow out (2-5 months?), and are removed using a solution. Once they are removed they cannot be reattached.

Of the two types, the Nylon are the safest for your hair. The Keratin Bonds are a little more tricky as they bond to the Keratin in your hair and stand a bigger chance of damaging your hair during removal. Bonded hair extensions run about $1400 for a full head so it can be quite pricey.

keratin bond

PRO’s: Heat Fusion Hair Extensions (or bonded hair extensions) look super natural.

CON’s: They are not reusable and you need to buy a whole new set if you want to keep your long, luscious hair after they grow out.

Cold Fusion (Micro-Cylinders or Microbeads) Hair Extensions 

On these, the groups of hair are held together by metal cylinders and attach to your hair using a double prong clamp. They have to be adjusted every 4-6 weeks but last about a year. They are easy to remove and have a lesser chance of damaging your hair than the heat fusion bonded extensions.

These are a little less expensive too at $1000 – $1200 for a full head. They come in Metal with Silicone and Copper. The copper are said to look a lot less bulky and are more natural.

cold fusion hair extensions close up

Cold Fusion Hair Extensions being put in my hair

PRO’s – They are reusable so you can take them out and put them on the next time you feel like channeling Rapunzel.

CON’s –  They are higher maintenance than the bonded, as they have to be tightened every 4-6 weeks. And as an aside, don’t look or feel as natural when your significant other runs his fingers through your hair; so if your not ready for full disclosure, these may not be the best choice.

So which Hair Extensions did I choose?

I went with the cold fusion. Two reasons. The girls at the blow dry bar that I go to have them and they seem to love them. Mainly though, I really like the idea of them being reusable, so if I change my mind I can at least save them for another day.

I did mine at Dream Weavers AZ. Katie was amazing! She used 5 bundles of Dream Catchers hair extensions in different shades of extension dreamweaver katie

They were attached with copper cylinders. We used 5 bundles and they look like this:

An hour in and we’re halfway there! They go in pretty long but you can cut them as short as you want. 

Before Hair Extensions: 

before hair extensions

After Hair Extensions: 

after hair extensions

Hair Extensions don’t have to be Kardashian-like. They can be just what you need to thicken your hair up a bit. For a grand total of $950 including a cut and style, I think it was totally worth it! I’ll keep them for a while and when I’m done I’ll take them out and save them for next time, since they are reusable.

I will let you know how it works out!

xoxoP.S. Keep in mind, this is a temporary solution for the short-term! I am in the process of experimenting with supplements and topical solutions that may help for the long-term so stay tuned!

P.P.S The Aftermath of Cold-Fusion Hair Extensions

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