Hollywood Fashion Tape Review

Hollywood Fashion TapeI don’t know what I would DO without  Hollywood Fashion Tape

Under boobs aren’t sexy ladies. And if you’re wearing a low cut shirt without a bra, ya gotta know that’s going to happen the moment you sit down.

You won’t think about it as you race out the door applying your final layer of lip gloss because really, who checks their outfits sitting down in front of the mirror?

tara reid nip slipOr maybe you’re wearing a bra and your whole bra’s hanging out instead. Very trashy.

But with Hollywood Fashion Tape you never have to worry about that again. It’s thinner and stickier than regular double-sided tape but won’t damage your clothing.

It’s also great to keep a loose shirt or dress from sliding off your shoulder, full on Tara Reid style. And it’s delicate on your skin.

I’m allergic to bandaids for example, but these don’t bother my skin at all.  Enjoy!

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