BBB Product Review: In The Flow Crop II Booty Boosting Exercise Wear

kim ann wearing in the flow crop ii lululemon exercise pantsExercise wear can be almost as important as the workout. Why? Well for me, those full length mirrors in exercise class can be daunting.

There is nothing more discouraging than walking into an exercise class day after day and not being able to see the gradual changes because you’re in a sad pair of workout pants.I  think that’s what Lululemon had in mind when they designed their ‘ In The Flow Crop II ‘ pants.

When I first discovered and put them on, I felt like I had an automatic butt lift.I gave all of my old workout pants away and bought the In The Flow Crop II in every dark color they had. Cellulite doesn’t show through, only a beautifully sculpted booty!

I feel very fit when I wear them and it psyches me up in all my exercise classes (pilates, barre, mixx, boxing). This in turn gets me back there more often and I feel like I’m getting much faster results because of it.

The Right Exercise Wear Keeps you Motivated

Hey, anything that works right? This is an aid for me – it makes me want to go to more classes and I definitely, without a doubt, can see the fruits of my labor more distinctly now! I’ve had them now for 9 months and they definitely hold up to all the usage and still look like new after lots of wash.

Please note that mine have never seen the inside of a dryer!

They’re a bit pricey at $78 a pair for the darker colors, but I’ve seen the light ones on sale for as low as $40. Regardless, I’d pay $100 because they are DEFINITELY worth it!!

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P.S. Just for giggles you have to listen to this podcast on real reviews. Gabi does a segment on Lululemon that will make you laugh!


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