Is Kybella the Right Treatment for Your Double Chin? (my experience)

is kybella right for you?

There’s no question that Kybella will melt away a double chin. But, as a middle-aged lady who got the treatment some chin fat melting may not be exactly what you need.

I reported on Kybella® ages ago when it was just entering the FDA funnel. Now that it’s FDA approved it’s fast becoming the go-to treatment for melting a stubborn fat pad under your chin.

For those of you are like what the hell is Kybella, I’ll be concise.

What is Kybella?

before and after kybella

Click for more Kybella before & after photos

Kybella is the first and only injectable product that is FDA approved to get rid of double chin fat. It’s a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid which is naturally found in our body to aid in the digestion process.

Deoxycholic acid is a bile acid that breaks down the fat in our food. When this synthetic form of the acid, which we call Kybella, is injected into the fat pad under your chin it breaks down and dissolves those fat cells.

kybella before and after

Click for more Kybella before & after photos

Those fat cells never come back but that doesn’t mean it’s Big Mac time!

Although Kybella effectively dissolves fat cells…

kybella dissolves fat

Kybella Dissolves Fat

Those fat cells that are left can always expand giving you another double chin!

The remaining fat cells can expand

The remaining fat cells can expand

And anyway, this isn’t a treatment that you’ll want to do over and over again. You can trust me on that!

Why I Chose Kybella

Double chins run in my family so I’ve had many years to observe and discern that I don’t like them.

In the 90’s I practically starved myself (my doc asked me if I was using), got down to 101lbs (norm is 123lbs), and the double chin was still there!

I even went to the extreme of getting liposuction for my double chin, which worked for a time, but eventually the fat pad came back. In 2006 I got chin lipo for a second time but after a few years the mofo reared it’s ugly head once again.

So I decided to nip that baby in the bud with a quick Kybella treatment.

Before Kybella

Double Chin Before & After Kybella

Before Kybella

First, I consulted with my injector Nancy Knoll to make sure that I was a good candidate. She pinched the area to be sure it was fat, and it was, so I made the appointment.

I began the pre-treatment protocol: No aspirin for 10 days and no ibuprofen, Aleve, Vitamin E, St. John’s Wort, fish oil supplements, etc for 5 days before treatment.

teeny heartHere’s a complete list of drugs you should try to stay away from to avoid swelling and bruising with any invasive procedure.

How it Went Down

WARNING: If needles freak you out, you may want to skip down to the explanation below.

The beginning was pretty chill. Nancy used a template provided by Kybella to draw a dot grid under my chin.Life was good.

But once she started injecting into those dots, well that was a whole other story. I admit I have a low pain tolerance but damn that stung!

Kybella is injected into the dots

Kybella is injected into the dots

Not a pleasant experience. It’s like right behind Ultherapy® in the pain factor. It felt like muriatic acid going down my throat. It felt like some crazy rogue fast-acting form of streptococcus invading my body.

Seriously, I thought I was going to lose my sh!t.

It hurt to swallow for a few hours and it was uncomfortable for the rest of the day and the next morning.

Cost per Treatment: $1400

After Kybella

before and after kybellaI’m a sweller so I should have started icing immediately but instead I took my girlfriend, who was kind enough to video the procedure, out for a nice lunch (of which I could not eat, of course). 🙁

By the time I got home the swelling was comical. Partly because of the mass of the Kybella itself but also due to post-treatment swelling.

1 Hour After Kybella Treatment

1 Hour After Kybella Treatment


10 Hours Post-Treament

10 Hours After Kybella

10 Hours After Kybella

Day 3


Day 5

5 Days After Kybella Treatment

5 Days After Kybella Treatment

teeny heartTIP: I definitely wouldn’t recommend you doing this a couple of weeks before an important event and I wouldn’t count on any photo shoots for at least a month. As you can see, the swelling can be more substantial than the double chin itself.


Day 16

4 Weeks After Kybella

2 Weeks (& 2 Days) After Kybella

Day 42

6 Weeks Post Kybella

6 Weeks Post Kybella

At the 6 week mark you could touch it and feel that the fat was gone but this is when I noticed that fat wasn’t the biggest issue. The elasticity of my skin, or lack thereof, was becoming apparent.

This was the phase of recovery where I chastised myself for being impulsive and decided that I’m never doing anything to my face again, which is pretty standard for me when after a month I’m not seeing positive results.

I could pinch the skin and it would stay that way. There was definitely some swelling but I didn’t like the skin situation at all.

The Final Results of Kybella

Six months post Kybella I can confidently say that Nancy and I largely over-estimated the elasticity of my skin.

Although my skin definitely tightened a bit after the four-week mark, it still didn’t have the elasticity it needed to snap back up the way that I’d like. I had basically traded a double chin for a turkey wattle!

Before vs 6 Months After Kybella for a Double Chin

Before vs 6 Months After Kybella for a Double Chin

Turtlenecks are now on my Do Not Wear list.

From Double Chin to Turkey Wattle

From Double Chin to Turkey Wattle

beautyblackbook heartIt must be noted that Kybella recommends three treatments for optimal results. I only had one but it was enough to make it obvious that less fat in that area would NOT be a good thing so I didn’t go back for two more.

Moral of the Story

Kybella is ideal for a double chin, as long as there’s elasticity in your skin!

If you’re a middle-aged woman  (oh, calm down, I’m not being sexist 🙂 or discriminating against men, it’s just a fact that our skin is thinner than men’s) you may want to keep this in mind when considering Kybella for a double chin.

When it comes to looking youthful, a double chin wins over a wattle every time!

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