In The Pipeline: LIPO-202, A New Possible Way to Shrink Belly Fat!

fat belly need to dietGot a little pooch going there? Think ya need to diet? Possibly not with LIPO-202.

Man is the world changing! Back in the day, all we had was Slim Fast and sit-ups to flatten an uncooperative belly. Now you can suck it out, laser it away and quite possibly, with LIPO-202, shrink it with a few well placed injections.

What is LIPO-202 ?

LIPO-202, not to be confused with regular lipo which is an invasive way to suck out unwanted fat, is a drug developed by Neothetics, that is designed to coax your fat cells’ beta receptors to jump-start the burning process, making your fat cells smaller, giving you a flatter belly.

The treatment entails 20 shots, methodically placed, in different areas around the abdomen area. You have to do it once a week for 8 weeks. It sounds scary but it’s done with a 30 guage needle which is basically the same size needle used when you go to get Botox – not so bad, right?

You can expect to see results in as little as 4 weeks after the first treatment and it should last for a minimum of 3 months after the last treatment.

Hmmm. There’s the rub. Do we really want to go to the trouble of 8 appointments, 160 shots for a total of 4 months (possibly if there is a measurable result after the first treatment)? I don’t know, maybe it can help to give a girl the confidence to get into a serious workout routine?

The drug is currently in Phase III clinical trials, which is the next to last step in the testing process before it can be FDA approved. Not to get off subject, but this is interesting so I’ll explain a little bit about clinical trials.

  • Phase I is when researchers test a new drug or treatment, in a small group for the very first time, to check dosage and safety. Usually they use a placebo to confirm that the drug actually works.
  • Phase II is when the drug or treatment is given to a larger group (usually 25-100 participants) to confirm it’s safety and effectiveness. It’s interesting to know that no placebo is used in this phase so the treatment is actually given to all of the patients in the study.
  • Phase III is when the drug or treatment is given to large groups of people to confirm it’s effectiveness, check out the side affects, and compare it to treatments already on the market.
  • Phase IV is done after the FDA approval and the drug or treatment is marketed to the public so that it can confirm the drug’s effectiveness in various populations as well as any side effects of long term use.

Neothetics Phase III trials for LIPO-202, will enroll 1,600 patients at 80 clinical sites throughout the United States. Expect to hear more on this by the end of the year.

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