Latest Trend in Anti-Aging: Look Younger with Fake Freckles

girl getting fake frecklesAfter spending half of my life zapping off all signs of dots, spots and freckles, it came as a huge surprise to learn of the latest trend in hiding your age – faking your freckles!

Hollywood make-up artists have been mimicking youth with a few well placed freckles for years. Sounds absolutely ridiculous I know, but once you wrap your brain around it you may see the appeal.

How to Apply Fake Freckles

For the sake of this blog I’ve experimented with ways to look younger with fake freckles. I tried self tanner, brow pencil, eyeliner pencil, eye shadow, before I came upon the leave-em-in-the-dust winner, brown mascara. Super easy, and really kind of cute.

I personally will limit this cuteness for Halloween but I have to admit, for a split second, it made me wonder what my face would be like sans lasers, peels, and bleaches of the last 20 years and felt a slight nostalgia for the freckles that may have been.

If you’re the least bit curious I’m going to show you the three ways to apply fake freckles that look most natural.


All you need is a water-based brown mascara. Choose one with a simple applicator so you can create a stamp on your finger. This girl Tamara has the BEST video for using mascara to make fake freckles, so without further adieu here is the most thorough instructional video for applying fake freckles:

It takes a bit of practice but it’s really the easiest and most natural way to look younger with fake freckles.

Also, you should really checkout Tamara’s YouTube channel BeautyOnTest. She has so much information there from fixing your eyeglasses to just about every subject matter you can think of! I love it!


This way is so cute. All you need is a big white sheet, a glass of water and medium brown eyeshadow.  She has the most entertaining way of DIY Fake Freckles!

This girl Sarah Marie Karda is so adorable that I just wanna take her home! She is also truly talented and creative.

I tried her Jackson Pollock Style freckles (you can see why I called it that now right?)  in the backyard but since it took a bit of Tequila on my part (as well as the photographers’), and  the wind wasn’t blowing in the right direction (or visa versa),  my dog Buckwheat got more freckles than I did so it  didn’t work out so well for me.

Maybe you’ll have better luck! Actually, that sounds like a cool idea for a party. A freckle making party! (mostly joking)


The most difficult way would but the longest lasting is to use self-tanner. This is tricky because there’s no room for error and I wouldn’t recommend it but if you can master it then it will definitely last longer than its predecessors!

All you need is: fast drying sunless tanning mousse or lotion, that streaks easily, in 2 different shades (light and medium or medium and dark), a small bowl, an exfoliating product, and an eyeliner brush.

Step # 1  Exfoliate your skin – if you don’t have an exfoliating product on hand just mix a little sugar in with your favorite cleanser (and shame on you!). This steps important or the tanner won’t stick.

Step # 2 Apply a super thin layer of lighter shade of sunless tanner all over your face making sure to blend it into your hairline and neck (avoid your eyes – duh).

Step # 3 Put a small amount of the darker sunless tanner in a bowl and use the eyeliner brush to dab tiny dots wherever you want them. Remember that real freckles are not symmetrical and are not evenly spaced.

Have fun! And let me know how it goes!

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