Mascara – Know How to Avoid the Smudge

Smudging Mascara

You know what it’s like when your mascara smudges. Running mascara is not attractive. And It usually only happens at the worst possible moment like during a final job interview when you’re sweating from sheer nervousness or on a much-looked-forward-to first date and you teared up as the waiter brought the live lobster to your table (true story).

So to call it simply inconvenient is being too polite – a royal pain in the butt is what it is. Unfortunately, mascara is a necessity for us middle-aged gals. It opens up and brighten our eyes so we’re left with the option of waterproof or water-resistant mascaras.

Waterproof vs Water-Resistant Mascara

So you’d think the answer would be waterproof or water-resistant mascara. First of all, what is the difference?  Well, waterproof mascara is for full submersion like swimming or bobbing for apples.

Water-resistant mascara is mainly for humidity, or sweating, moisture that you have to deal with on a daily basis in the summertime and especially when you live on the east coast or in California.

Damage to Lashes

If you’ve used water-resistant or waterproof mascara on a long-term basis then you know that not only do they dry out your eyelashes making them brittle so they break, but getting them off your eyelashes is no picnic either and even with the best waterproof mascara remover you always end up pulling out one or two completely innocent lashes when cleaning your makeup off your face at night.

And I know you know that thinning lashes are not attractive and – hate to say it – they’re a definite sign of age as well. That’s never a plus so what does a girl do? Simple.

Avoiding Damage Caused by Waterproof and Water-Resistant Mascara

Apply your regular mascara first, THEN apply the waterproof or water-resistant mascara on top of that!  This keeps the smudging in check, even through allergy season, but slides off with your regular mascara when cleaning your face at night.

Ta daaaa! There are solutions for every problem ! Smudge no more beautiful girls!kim ann mailchimp

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