MEG 21 with Supplamine to STOP Aging from Sugar

MEG 21 Smooth Radiance Advanced Formula with Supplamine® is a topical skin cream and the ONLY skin cream that’s scientifically proven to prevent skin damage caused by sugar glycation.

Sugar glycation or “sugar aging” is like a rotten cherry on the top of a really shitty sunday. Too much sugar shrinks and hardens our collagen and elastin which are the building blocks of our skin.

And stopping it isn’t just a matter of dropping the HoHo because foods you wouldn’t even guess have sugar in them end up converting to sugar (glucose) once they enter your system and you can’t just stop eating! (I tried it. You get really, really tired.)

Some veggies, fish and all carbs, end up as sugar too! There’s a list here.

This is why I was SOOOOOO excited when I met MEG 21. In order for you to understand what the big deal is you need to have some basic knowledge about how sugar ages us.

What is Sugar Aging?

Sugar is necessary in our diet. It converts to energy that makes it possible for muscles to function and for regulating our bodies temperature and such. But too much glucose accumulates a sedentary excess that promotes a process called sugar glycation.

What is Sugar Glycation?

Sugar glycation is the name of the process that turns good sugar into bad toxic sugar. A simplified description of that process is that when our body has extra sugar it promotes an inflammatory response.

This inflammatory response triggers the production of bad enzymes that convert our sugar to toxic sugar.

(You can learn more on sugar glycation here.)

What is Toxic Sugar?

Toxic sugar is bad because it has an unhealthy crush on certain protein cells and can’t help but latch on to them like a bad rash starting the maillard reaction or shrinking and hardening them (including our collagen and elastin!).

These newly shrunken protein cells get in the way of glucose trying to keep our system running  and that includes the production of collagen and elastin too. Without functioning collagen and elastin our skin becomes becomes saggy, wrinkle and crepey.

Collagen breakdown is THE reason our skin ages. More about how collagen works here.

Up until now there hasn’t been a product that addresses aging caused by sugar glycation. Now there is and it’s name is MEG 21 with Supplamine!

MEG 21 with Supplamine

Supplamine = Meglumine®  (lowers the metabolic production of toxic sugar) + Arginine (neutralizes toxic sugar)

MEG 21 is the first skincare line that is scientifically proven to prevent and repair the aging caused by sugar! The difference is their patented compound called Supplamine®. Supplamine is the combination of two enzymes, meglumine and arginine.

Meglumine lowers the metabolic production of toxic sugar and arginine neutralizes the toxic sugar already there, effectively treating and preventing sugar aging.

So of COURSE I had to give it a whirl!

MEG21 Review

I wanted to test it out with the ultimate challenge. To take the place of my current night cream (the Lancome Renergie Lift Multi-Action Night) for 30 whole days!

The lotion is creamy but not greasy. It has no annoying scent, it’s almost scentless. It is soooo good for sensitive skin too. My neck is very sensitive and rashes easily so I was pleasantly surprised when I didn’t get an immediate reaction to the  MEG21.

The jar (or I should say dispenser?), is perfect for measuring out just the right amount per application. You simply press the top and the perfect amount of product comes out as you see below. It barely takes up the space of a finger. Also it doesn’t allow air to get to the lotion keeping it stable and effective.

meg 21 application

I used about 1 click on my neck and face every night and by day 28 I just kept going! I’m up near day 120 and its the perfect creamy lotion for my neck and face; enough to keep my skin moisturized through the night and into the next afternoon.

At $133 dollars at time of publication, it’s an investment but, if you take one click’s worth and rub your hands together, you have more than enough to pat on your face, neck AND chest with one tiny dots worth of product.

I’ve made mine last for at least 2 months and that’s with everyday use. It’s worth it. My skin is very happy!

The MEG 21 Smooth Radiance Advanced Formula,has been upgraded to permanent status in my skincare regimen and I will be trying the rest of the MEG 21 Skincare Line (specifically the MEG 21 Smooth Radiance Face Treatment,MEG 21 Bright and Firm Eye TreatmentMEG 21 Clean and Clear Moisturizing Cleanser Cream,) soon!

You can check out the whole MEG 21 line here.

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