The Megaformer – An Exercise Machine or a Medieval Torture Device?

girl on megaformer

The Megaformer is no joke, ladies! That little pad you see me kneeling on moves quite abruptly when you least expect it to if you don’t have the right form and balance. This was my second time taking the class but the first time was downright dangerous. I nearly ate it, teeth first, on the cement floor. 

What is a Megaformer?

Megaformer Exercise Machine

Megaformer Exercise Machine

Sofia Vergara does it. Isn’t that enough? Have you SEEN her body lately? But seriously the megaformer, that was invented by the fitness guru Sebastien Lagree, similar to the Pilates Reformer Machine but a little more treacherous.

Not only because of the higher differential in tension, which if you’re not crazy careful, it can land you in a full split, but because of the higher intensity.

The moves are super high paced and have crazy names like ‘scrambled egg’, ‘wheel barrel’, and the ‘escalator lunge’. I feel like it’s the crossfit of pilates fitness. You have to use the sticky Toesox that you use in a Barre Class but other than that you can wear what you want.

My Take on the Megaformer Class

Ok, this is a VERY SLOW motion video of what the class really feels like but I have to say it takes a lot of strength for these people to do it in slow motion. I just wanted you to get an idea of how the machine works.

For the most part I kept up. I mean I didn’t need a pole for assistance or anything (they offer those for balance) but I sweat so bad that my hands started slipping, which unfortunately made the whole ordeal a little more scary because I didn’t feel the stability I felt was necessary to avoid cracking my skull, breaking my glasses or knocking out my veneers.

So I bought some sticky pole dancing gloves:

Megaformer (erm, Pole Dancing) Gloves

Megaformer (erm, Pole Dancing) Gloves

The Mighty Grip Pole Dancing Gloves a.k.a. Megaformer Gloves cost me $15 per pairbut seem to adhere to every surface. I have total intentions of going back to The Body Lab, my local megaformer studio. It’s a great way to start the new year!

I actually signed up for another class last week but they cancelled it on me at the last minute. 🙁

I will be going back soon though and I highly suggest that you, with an open mind (and prepared body), do the same!signature keeping it real white. jpg

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