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Mother Dirt AO+ Mist

Could the revolutionary new skincare ingredient be a bacteria that lives in the dirt? Quite possibly so. Topical probiotics are the latest, and one of the coolest ways to bring your skin to new levels of pretty.

 Perhaps you’ve heard about probiotics? If not I’ll give you a quick rundown.

What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are basically good bacteria that help your body function the way that it should. When commercials talk about ‘live cultures’ in your yogurt, that’s probiotics.

Topical probiotics are ones that can be applied topically to actively work on getting your skin balanced so that it’s not to oily or not to dry. It also aids in the prevention of inflammatory disorders such as acne, rosacea, psoriasis, and excema.

AOBiome has identified a strain of the good bacteria called AOB’s that may be the key to healthy, balanced skin.

What are AOBs?

Ammonia oxidizing bacteria

AOBs – Ammonia Oxidizing Bacteria

AOBs are ammonia oxidizing bacteria that convert the ammonia on our skin to nitrites, enabling our skin to stay balanced. Our body naturally produces ammonia in our sweat and, although ammonia may be great for cleaning toilets, it’s SO not ideal for your skin.

Life is all about balance, and it’s no different with our skin. A good pH balance is the bedrock of supple, hydrated, happy skin chemistry. The AOBs’ purpose in life is to naturally maintain or, more likely, rediscover our skin’s ideal pH balance, bringing our skin to new levels of beautiful.

David Whitlock, an MIT graduate in Chemical Engineering, has been studying AOBs for over a decade and has made it his business to enlighten us to their benefits. In 2013 he co-founded AOBiome, who most recently developed ‘Mother Dirt™‘ to make those bad boys available to the mass market.

(David believes that AOBs are just one example of our good bacteria being wiped out by the societal obsession with anti-bacterial products but that’s an article for another blog.)

The Dirt on Mother Dirt™ AO+ Mist

Mother Dirt AO+ Mist ($49)

Mother Dirt AO+ Mist space age packaging

I was super excited to receive my Mother Dirt™ AO+ Mist, and it had nothing to do with the space age packaging either. Well, sort of – but that was just the icing on the cake.

What initially peaked my interest in this product was something that every article I’ve read tends to key in on – that David, the brainchild of Mother Dirt, hasn’t taken a shower in 12 years. All he does is use the AO+ Mist.

Maybe it’s an exaggeration, but it certainly gets the point across. And in case you’re wondering, I spoke to Ellen who sits about 9 feet from David, and she promises, showers or not, he doesn’t smell. 🙂

beautyblackbook tipsCool Tidbit: David came up with the hypothesis of AOBs when a girl he was dating asked why her horse liked to roll around in the dirt. To be a cool guy, he genuinely began to think of a good answer and arrived at the AOB hypothesis. (which he has proven empirically since).

My Experience with Mother Dirt AO+ Mist

I used it for a couple of weeks, spraying it on my face, underarms and, for a few days, my scalp too. It’s scentless, and in warm weather, it’s actually quite refreshing.

The live bacteria lasts for 4 weeks at room temperature, or 6 months in the fridge which is why they use that space age packing and do their best to get it to you in 1 to 3 days. Although it can live at room temperature for 4 weeks, extreme temperatures are really what’s harmful.

I kept mine in the fridge until I was ready to start using it, then relocated it to my counter with my other skin care products. However, I have to tell ya, there’s a lot of product in that bottle (3.4 fl oz) and since it’s applied as a mist, it lasts for a long time.

Mother Dirt AO+ Mist can live in the fridge for up to 6 months

Mother Dirt AO+ Mist can live in the fridge for up to 6 months

I’ve been using it on myself, my dogs and my husband just to feel like I get my money’s worth.  At $49 it’s a bargain when I compare it to other products in my skincare regimen, but only if you actually use it all before it expires.

You can also opt for the Mother Dirt™ Bundle for $69 and includes the AO+ Mist, Shampoo and Cleanser for $69!

The Bottom Line on Mother Dirt

I switched all of my normal skin care routine for Mother Dirt AO+ Mist for two weeks (that is BIG for me!) and was quite surprised that my skin didn’t dry out, nor did I have any breakouts. I was pretty much shocked that my skin didn’t lose it’s glow considering the pampering it normally gets.

It definitely works to contain odor – for me it was that nasty odor that comes from the mix of sweat and spray tan.

I would totally recommend this for your prepubescent child who has acne, your significant other if he or she isn’t diligent about skincare, and for anyone who gets that icky spray tan odor.


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