Motus AX – Laser Hair Removal (for all skin colors!)

motus ax for laser hair removalThe Motus AX is the first laser hair removal system specifically made work on darker skin types without the risk of burns!! (if you have ethnic skin then you understand my excitement)

What is the Motus AX?

Motus AX for Laser Hair Removal

Motus AX for Laser Hair Removal

Motus AX is an alexandrite laser coupled with DEKA’s proprietary Moveo technology.

The Alexandrite laser is one of the top laser hair removal units in the laser hair removal (LHR) market, but, as with other LHR lasers, it holds a high risk of burning darker skin tones (and hurts like a bitch).

Some say they’re equipped to do it but, the units that are can only do it when the settings are changed to weaker settings. Plus, one of those supposedly-ok-for-dark-skin burned the bejeezus out of me.

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The Motus AX was developed specifically to eliminate the risk AND the pain, and do it in a much shorter time period with fewer treatments.

Boom! There it is. So I’m going to tell you the benefits of both the alexandrite laser and the moveo handpiece and then put them together

Alexandrite + Moveo Handpiece = Motux A/X

Benefits of the Alexandrite Laser

The alexandrite laser is an excellent choice of laser hair removal due to the 755nm wavelength which is the ideal wavelength for laser hair removal.  But there’s a catch.

Lasers for hair removal have different wavelengths (kinda like me and narcissistic selfie-taking crazy people).

The shorter the wavelength, the stronger it is and the riskier the treatment becomes for darker skin tones. The alexandrite is at the stronger end of the spectrum as laser hair removal lasers range from 600-1100nm.

The shorter the wavelength the stronger the laser energy.

The shorter the wavelength the stronger the laser

Imagine those beams above were stretched out from end to end. The longer beam is the one with more energy (heat).

The more energy (heat), the stronger the laser, and a bigger chance of burning your skin. So, the alexandrite sits in a powerful position for optimal laser hair removal but comes with a risk of burns, until it’s combined with the Moveo handpiece by DEKA.

Benefits of Moveo Technology

motus ax hair removal handpiece

The Motus Handpiece with Moveo Technology

The Moveo technology is all about the handpiece. This badass sapphire tipped handpiece is capable of administering high heat, on large areas of skin, to remove dark AND light hair (not gray) on all six of the skin types on the Fitzpatrick Scale.

  • Safer
  • Fewer # of treatments
  • Faster treatments
  • Less risk for darker skin
  • No Pain (hmmmm…)

Safe for All Skin Types

The Moveo sapphire tipped handpiece’s cooling capability makes it possible to use the stronger setting (shorter wavelength) whilst keeping the skin at a lower temperature and avoiding burns, greatly diminishing the risk of burns.

See, different lasers are attracted to and absorbed by different chromophores (groups of atoms responsible for adding color). For the purpose of hair removal, the chromophore of choice is melanin which controls the pigmentation of our skin and hair.

So it’s super important to be able to focus the heat where it belongs without scattering, damaging the stuff around it.

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Fewer Number of Treatments

The more reflection the bigger diversion of heat which is meant to be aimed at the follicle. Most lasers lose energy from reflection, wasting a buttload of the energy meant for the hair follicle, but not the Motus AX!

The sapphire tip on the Motus AX can capture more of the energy that is traditionally reflected by the skin, and direct it, rather than lose it.

Less scatter makes the Motus AX stronger than other lasers allowing the better results meaning LESS TREATMENTS and more time to do what matters to you!.

beautyblackbook heartDude, standard laser hair removal can take like 6 to10 treatments, if I’m being honest (which I always am 🙂 ), and who has the time? The Motus AX permanently claims to remove hair in just three to five treatments!


Faster Individual Treatments

Another happy feature of the Motus AX is the spot size of the sapphire tip.

The larger the spot size the bigger the area covered. Usually, when treating dark skin you choose a smaller spot size in order to lower the risk of energy that may to the melanin in the skin and, of course, causing skin damage.

larger the spot size the more area treated

The larger the laser spot size the less time it takes to cover the area. (source: Textbook of Lasers in Dermatology)

spot size vs treament zone laser hair removal

The high spot size on the above diagram is 6mm. The Motus AX has an unheard of spot size of 20mm! (source: Farkas et al)

The spot size used by the alexandrite unit for dark skin is typically 10mm, so the Motus AX literally doubles the area being treated per zap.

Less Risk for Dark Skin Types

The darker the skin, the more melanin and the more risk of absorbing some of that laser heat on its way down into the follicle. This leads to hypopigmentation (white spots) or worse, burns and permanent scarring.

It can be pretty nasty looking when that happens as you can see by my own burned leg.

Laser Burns 5 Days After Laser Hair Removal

Mama got laser burns! (yuppers, that is my leg)

Less Pain

The sapphire tip has a cooling module parallel to none other but not only that. Instead of snaps of energy all at once, the Motus AX gradually heats the skin, passing it over a specific area until the ideal heat is reached and then moving to the next area.

It’s supposed to be painless. I have not tried it but I personally would be prepared with T & T (Tylenol and tequila).

How It Goes Down

Easy peasy, right?

First, the technician will apply ultrasound gel then gently roll the tip over your skin. Your skin may be a little pink but requires no special attention thereafter (but common sense says ‘stay out of the sun’).

Since the area has been heated at the perfect range, additional heat will push it overboard and irritate your skin. Be nice to your skin! It’s the only one you have!

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