Say Goodbye to Neck Wrinkles with a Neck Wrinkle Pad!

Neck wrinkle padNeck wrinkles are a fact of life. A rite of passage, but one that I could live without.

Now, with neck wrinkle pads, I can blur those neck lines while I sleep!

Neck wrinkle pads work in the same way as the decollette pads that I always talk about, but for the neck. Check it out:

wearing neck wrinkle pad

Me wearing two neck wrinkle pads

You can wear them when you sleep, or when you’re doing neck wrinkle inducing activities like laying on the sofa watching TV, working on your computer, reading a book…anything that causes you to bend your neck and promote wrinkles.

Wrinkles are only skin that creases and leave marks over time. Stave off those neck wrinkles and smooth out the ones you may already have with a neck wrinkle pad.

Before & After Neck Wrinkle Pad

Before and After using the Collette Pad

Before and After using the Collette Pad (neck wrinkle pad)

Neck wrinkle pads are reusable for about 6 weeks at least and cost $28.95 each. I wear my decollete version every night and my neck wrinkle pad while I read.

As long as I clean it once a week with warm water and soap (not soaps with lotions or it won’t stick!) I can sometimes get 2 months out of them. Try one! You will love me for it!


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