Botox Alternatives (Part 2) : Neubelle Treatment vs Botox

NeuBelle BiPolar RF System

NeuBelle BiPolar RF System

I love me some Botox but, as you know, it only lasts about 4 months, so when I learned about the Neubelle RF System, that claims to last 12 (or even 18!) months, I was intrigued.

In my Botox Alternative Series I’m having a total blast talking about the latest efforts of the medical companies to find a way into the Botox market. There is definitely room for it, as not all of us are ok with injecting neurotoxins into our body.


It must be said that I am totally on board with injecting neurotoxins, such as Botox, into my face, neck, and wherever else I may discover useful. I’m just trying to maintain a well-rounded beauty blog for all of us to enjoy (even granola people – kidding).

Today, my focus is on the non-toxic NeuBelle RF System by Serene Medical.

What is The NeuBelle RF System ?

The NeuBelle RF System (or Neubelle Treatment – also some fool called it Notox but we won’t) is a handheld device that combines Bi-Polar (RF) energy and nerve stimulation to create a neural lesion in the nerve pathway in order to relax the overactive muscles in the area between your brows (these are the glabella as well as the corragator muscles that are located on the end of your brows and cause your forehead to wrinkle and those annoying little wrinkles on the outer corner of your eyes called ‘crows feet’).

So, instead of using cold energy like the Frotox, it uses thermal (warm) energy.

How Does the NeuBelle RF System Work?

If you’ve read the first part of my Botox alternative series, Botox Alternatives (Part 1): Frotox vs Botox to Freeze Those Forehead Lines, then you understand that our nerve fibers are comprised of tiny axons that form a chain wrapped in a few protective layers. The axons in the chain deliver signals to the nerves like so:

Axons Sending Nerve Signals

Axons delivering

When the axon chain is broken, or interrupted, the signal to the corresponding area, stops.This means your muscle freezes (I prefer to say ‘relaxes’), smoothing out your wrinkles.

The Neubelle RF uses Bi-polar RadioFrequency to cause a small thermal lesion (burns those mofo’s out), temporarily stopping the nerve signal and freezing the muscle. Boom. That easy.

How it Goes Down

The whole procedure takes about 30 minutes and here’s what happens.

  • First, the business end of the unit stimulates the nerve so the practitioner can pinpoint the locations of the nerves and then mark those areas for precision.
  • Second, RF energy is applied through a needle like probe causing an immediate thermal lesion, stopping nerve communication in it’s tracks.
  • Last the practitioner checks to make sure that the nerve can no longer be stimulated and moves on to the next area.

The treatment takes about a half an hour and lasts anywhere from 10 to 18 months.

Cost of Neubelle

Neubelle Treatment runs at $1500 but, if it really lasts as long as it says it does, and even if it doesn’t (for those who have developed an immunity to Botox so it doesn’t work for as long), that’s not so bad when you compare it to repeated Botox injections.

Nuebelle vs Botox

  • Neubelle, unlike Botox, doesn’t inject toxins into your skin – just lidocaine.
  • Neubelle works immediately whereas Botox can take several days to show it’s full effect. It’s nice to know if something works while your actually AT the treatment center and not getting on with your life a week later.
  • Neubelle purportedly lasts up to 18 months, according to the office of Dr.James Newman, who is demonstrating the procedure in that video.
  • Neubelle can’t be used below the eye line, whereas Botox can be used EVERYWHERE.

I think that Nuebelle Treatment gives more bang for your buck. For the time being, though, I think I’ll stick with Botox. Mr. BeautyBlackBook may have to be the guinea pig on this one. I will keep you informed!kim ann mailchimp

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