Olaplex – Dye Your Hair Without the Damage

olaplex stops breakageHair coloring is the most effective age-enhancing trick that we have. And, as with most things that we absolutely LOVE, when you overindulge it can have the opposite effect. 

I’ve been bleaching my hair since I was 10. First with a little lemon juice at the beach, quickly graduating to Sun-In Hair Lightener and a blow dryer. (Even then I knew that blondes have more fun.) 🙂

As a teen, I stepped it up a bit, trading my Burger King paycheck for professional highlights on a bi-monthly basis. And I’ve been slipping and sliding down that slippery slope for three decades since.

And, I’m in good company.

But, we keep on doing it! You don’t have to count how many salons are providing hair coloring services to know it. In 2008, a Clairol study found that 75% of American women admit to dying their hair.

One in six aren’t even sure of their natural color they’ve been dying it for so long!

Whether you color your hair to change the natural color, to camo some grey’s, or just brighten up your natural locks – every time you do it you’re destroying those strands a little bit more. Depressing, right?

girl with foils in hair

I can’t remember a time in my life when this wasn’t a 1 in 8 week occurence

And we go to our favorite colorist because he or she has our magic combo. Good news – you don’t have to change colorists to enjoy the benefits of Olaplex hair color – all you have to do is ask your girl to add it into your hair color recipe!

What Olaplex Can Do

Olaplex (angels singing in the background). Olaplex enables colorist’s to bump up your hair color sans the damage! Pretty awesome – groundbreaking actually. In order to understand how Olaplex works we’re going to have to get a little technical, so stay with me.

The Science of Olaplex

Strand of Color-Treated Hair Without Olaplex vs With Olaplex

Strand of Color-Treated Hair Without Olaplex vs With Olaplex

Let me start with a little chemistry class refresher.

Natural hair contains disulfide bonds that make hair strong, healthy, and silky to the touch. Peroxide, used in all bleaching processes, in order to strip out your natural color, splits those bonds and turn those happy disulfide pairs into single sulfur-hydrogen bonds.

What happens next is the root of the issue (pun intended).

Half of the time, the oxygen molecule created by the peroxide reaction maintains its singularity and hooks up with one of the singleton hairs, resulting in a healthy, color changed, strand of hair.

But the other half of the time, the oxygen molecule hooks up with other oxygen molecules, and they start traveling in threes.

Olaplex hair

My Hair After Olaplex

When one of these threesomes hooks up with that stripped down sad little sulfur-hydrogen bond, they eat the protein out of the hair, and the result is damaged hair that has a different, undesired texture which looks dry and brittle and inevitably leads to breakage, making your hair thin, flat and dull.

Olaplex hair color, puts a stop to this process with it’s active ingredient – a combo of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur with two reactive ends that totally dig those sulfur-hydrogen bonds.

So when it’s mixed in with your hair coloring, those reactive ends attach onto the lonely sulfur-hydrogen bonds faster than the oxygen threesomes can get to them, creating a new stronger bond that sends those pesky threesomes packing.

I’m not saying that all threesomes are pesky, (:)) but in this case, they should be avoided at all costs, and the cost isn’t that significant (just seeing if your paying attention) . 😉

How it Goes Down

Celebrity colorist, Tracey Cunningham, explains it perfectly. The main thing to know is that the Olaplex is mixed into your hair color solution to help bump up the color while protecting your hair.

Cost of Olaplex

Prices of Olaplex should range from $35 to $45 as an upgrade to your color depending on where you go. I think it’s a bargain if it allows my hair to go a couple levels lighter without damaging it!

My Experience with Olaplex

The bottom line is that I LOVE this stuff. It definitely works! If you’re hairdresser isn’t in the know on this stuff, then you’d be doing yourself, and her, a great service by sharing the 411.


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