My Busy Week Prepping for the Ball (fucking sucked)

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If you follow BeautyBlackBook socially, then you know that for the past week or so I’ve been prepping for the Ball aka the Camp Soaring Eagle Fireside Soiree. (Since it’s black tie and fancy schmancy I’m referring to it as a ‘Ball’)

Ball sounds so much more romantic than a Fireside Soiree so, even though there wasn’t any dancing (at least not externally), I still want to call it a Ball. And because it was a Ball, and my first one as a Beauty Blogger, I wanted to look my best!

My first task was finding a gown. The only one that I own is a bit revealing with a super low back and side boob action and I didn’t think that was the message I wanted to convey to this particular crowd.

So the search for a gown begins…

In the beginning of my search I had a brief moment of insanity. I wanted this dress that Anne wore to the Oscars:

Gold Ralph Lauren

Gold Ralph Lauren

The girls at Ralph Lauren actually brought it into the store, at which time I found it was a one of a kind prototype and was $13,400 (no wonder they wouldn’t tell me the price!!). I didn’t even try it on.

The search continued…

A mad rush to find a dress.

I settled on an emerald green mermaid dress by Nicole Miller. The image looks like an evergreen but this green is vibrant – like an emerald. GORGEOUS!!

Once I found the dress I had to choose the shoes. I decided to go with gold toned because emerald and gold is just divine.

Finding the Perfect Shoe

Unfortunately I didn’t have a clutch that would match, and finding one that wasn’t too small or too big was a challenge.

clutch happiness

I decided on one that Mr. BeautyBlackBook picked. Kind of ornate but I liked that it had gold and silver because most of my jewelry is set in white gold or platinum.

Besides a nasty experience at Jimmy Choo it was a surprisingly happy experience finding that bag. I was in clutch heaven!

Also, it has a handle and a chain in case I got sick of carrying it and was roomy enough to fit my beauty essentials: Mac Lipstick in Myth, Pur Minerals 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup in Light, Clean & Clear Oil-Absorbing Sheets and Eraclea Ever-Moist Lip Balm.

Dress, shoes, and bag chosen I had to consider how to wear my hair. Up? Down? Half up?

hair styles

Finally, I wanted to have a good idea of makeup for the evening so when it came time to get ready I wouldn’t be confused and take too long to get ready. I’ve got a pretty good handle on my face with my Temptu Airbrush Kit that makes coverage and illuminating pretty easy!

My eyes though, that’s always tough. So I began looking at pics of eye makeup for the night.

eye makeup

I decided on a smoky look and asked my friend Kai if she could make it happen.

Kai did mine and my friend Kristen's makeup

Kai did mine and my friend Kristen’s makeup

But the week wasn’t all shop, search, shop, search. I have a blog to write and also on Wednesday the Camp Soaring Eagle committee got together to load up the 400 swag bags for the big night.

Filling swag bags at the offices of Camp Soaring Eagle

Filling swag bags at the offices of Camp Soaring Eagle

Ultimately the dress and shoes were a hit!

Camp Soaring Eagle Fireside Soiree

Camp Soaring Eagle Fireside Soiree

Besides the fact that my red carpet walk was more like a crawl, scrambling to retrieve a rolling lipstick and other such beauty essentials that dumped out of my clutch about 10 steps in, I couldn’t have been happier with the final result!

My girlfriend Lea Haben-Woodford, creator of the online magazine, who planned the whole event (she’s a superstar!!) agrees that it was a great turnout and a success for Camp Soaring Eagle.

Thank God this week is over!! I’m ready to get back to blogging!!

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