Profound for Skin Tightening: The New Gold Standard

profound for skin tightening

Profound, by Syneron-Candela could be the real thing ladies. It takes everything we know about skin tightening, and implements it in one 45 minute treatment!

Skin laxity is THE biggest issue when it comes to aging, there’s no way around it. As we age, our skin stops producing collagen and elastin, those fibrous proteins that are responsible for keeping our skin elastic.

So imagine, if we found a way to significantly increase the level of collagen and elastin in our skin? We could slow down the aging process. Profoundly.

What is the Profound?

profound-compressedThe Profound, by Syneron-Candela,  is the latest in skin tightening technology. It uses RF Microneedling to deliver RF energy at regulated temperatures to precise points under the skin, promoting the production of collagen and tightening up our face and neck.

Do you feel like you heard this before? Well kind of, but not exactly. So let’s talk about what makes the Profound treatment superior to any other skin tightening procedure (except a facelift!) on the market today.

The Science of the Profound

What’s unique about Profound is it’s ability to control the exact temperature of the skin as the RF energy is being applied. Other RF devices, can only control the temperature within a range.

Syneron-Candela made a cute little video for our basic understanding, but I’m going to delve in a little deeper afterwards:

Getting down to brass tacks:

Clinical research has proven, many moons ago, that causing controlled damage to the under layers of the skin promotes the growth of collagen. It can be done with heat, and possibly subzero cold. Profound uses heat.

When the under layers of the skin are heated to 65°C (149°F), neocollagenisis begins (a fancy word for when the collagen comes in contact with the heat and it begins to denature or constrict).

Collagen Diagram: Before and After Neocollagenisis

Collagen Diagram: Before and After Neocollagenisis

Neocollagenisis means “neo + collagen + synthesis”

Neo = New, Recent, Revived or Modified

Collagen = The structural protein found in the connective skin layer that is  necessary to maintain youthful skin

Synthesis = To make something

So basically, the heat shrinks the collagen causing empty space in between, sending an alarm to the brain saying ‘dude! there’s a breach!’.

beautyblackbook tipsYes, you heard right. It damages the collagen that we have, first. A little daunting but as for now, it’s the only way to get our body to produce more.

At this point the brain does what any brain would do and gets on the horn with Miss Fibroblast (who basically starts sleeping on the job in our 30’s) with the order to produce more collagen to fill in the gap that was created with all this denatured collagen.

When this happens we have less sagging skin and our wrinkles begin to smooth out. Keep in mind that the miracle of collagen growth takes time and you won’t see the initial change for 4 to 10 weeks and the ultimate results for anywhere from 3 to 6 months.

Now, knowing what you know, doesn’t it stand to reason that if the collagen cells were to only partially denature, or partially shrink, but could still promote the same quantity of new collagen as it does when the collagen is wholly denatured, wouldn’t the skin tightening be that much more effective?

Recent studies have proven just that. Partially denatured collagen is more efficient in the neocollagenesis process than wholly denatured collagen.

So the onus has been on the medical community to learn the best way to control how much the collagen denatures. So they did.

Studies have found that the sweet spot to partially denature collagen is by heating the area to 67°C (152.6°F) and to maintain that heat for 4 seconds at a time between 2 to 4mm under the skin – with no variation.

the sweet spot for skin tightening

Seems easy enough but there was nothing out there that could pinpoint the heat and control the temperature in order to produce the ideal conditions for partially denaturing collagen. Instead, they heat a general area of the skin with wavering temperatures in order to protect the outer layers of skin.

But regardless, most don’t even reach the optimal 67°C (152.6°F). The temperature varies up and down and that’s not the ideal for partially denaturing collagen. Until Profound.

Profound is the only unit that uses RF Energy to heat the area, microneedles to pinpoint the exact depth, protecting the outer layer of skin, and a patented Real Time Temperature Control algorithm to meet the ideal temperature.

Recent studies have found that a single treatment produced a profound increase in elastin and collagen 4 to 10 weeks after the treatment with a 95% response rate for laxity at 6 months after treatment:

Before and After Profound Skin Tightening Treatment

Before and 3 Months After Profound Skin Tightening Treatment

profound before and after 2-compressed

Before and 6 months after One Profound Skin Tightening Treatment

How it Goes Down

profound rf microneedle

Profound by Syneron-Candela: Do ya see that teeny needle?

Profound for skin tightening treatment takes 45 minutes or less. Your doctor will slather on a local anesthetic and once your numb she will use a handheld unit to apply teeny little pore sized needles into your skin, pulsing heat 4 seconds at a time.

My Take

I love RF energy. The single best skin tightening treatment I’ve ever had was the Matrix RF (also by Syneron!). I was numb so it didn’t hurt, but I had a week of downtime.

Profound super excites me because it takes one treatment and there’s no downtime.  And it’s currently being tested for that crepey eyelid skin. Imagine, an eyelift without any surgery!

I also like the idea of the ‘no pain’. Ultherapy, the recent popular skin tightening treatment, hurts worse than I’ve ever experienced in my life. EVER.

But at $3500 a pop, it will make a profound dent in my bank account so I’m still deciding if I’ll do this, or another procedure called the INFINI RF.

UPDATE:  At time of publishing the Profound was not yet available in my area. I ended up going with the Infini RF  and you can read about my experience here!

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