Roloxin Lift – The 12-Hour Facelift That Falls Flat

roloxin lift in garbage can with wasted money

I love it when beauty enhancing products, well any product, does what the makers claim. On the flip side, it is insulting to us all when packaging, marketing, and hype are camouflage for substance.

Roloxin Lift, by Dermarche Labs, somehow found its way into the Allure Magazine 2014 Beauty Breakthrough list, Harper’s Bazaar called it the 12-Hour Facelift, The Coveteur called it Fall’s Best Beauty Buy, so on and so forth, so I got somewhat excited about it.

What is Roloxin Lift?

Roloxin Lift comes in lotion form, 10 treatments for $110 or 30 for $270. Each in individual packets which they call  ‘sachets’, and is billed as a rinse-off facial product rinsed to minimize fine lines, wrinkles and pores by forming an invisible film over your face that lasts for up to 24 hours.

I was a bit intrigued and was pleased to find that their main offices were located 5 mins from my home. Kismet, don’t ya think?

How to Use the Roloxin Lift

roloxin lift sachet

1 Roloxin Lift Sachet

First you are instructed to ‘activate’ the product by massaging the sachet in your hand for 20 seconds. Next you apply the, now magically, activated lotion to your face and wait about 7 minutes until the product turns to powder.

Finally, you gently rinse with warm water and pat dry, after which you can proceed as usual with your lotions and makeup.

My Experience with Roloxin Lift

As you may know, I’m not big into masquerading my skin but prefer to be a little more high maintenance, using laser treatments, peels and such, to keep my skin in tip-top shape so that I can afford be low maintenance on a day to day basis.

But hey, there is a time and place for everything.  So the Roloxin Lift intrigued me enough to give it a shot. Who wouldn’t be, given this awesome ad campaign.

I mean seriously? This ad brings tears to my eyes ‘it’s more than just a product, it’s a reason to look ahead with confidence’. Gosh.

So I gave into the fanfare and thought it would be cool to get the 411 from the source, I mean we’re neighbors after all. So I called a few times to do a phone interview or to schedule an appointment but there was only an answering machine and my calls weren’t returned, but I decided to pop by anyway.

Roloxin Lift Offices

Roloxin Lift a.k.a.Dermarche Labs at 4747 N. Scottsdale Road as noted on the website

I wasn’t thrilled with what I found which was an empty office where someone was moving in or someone was moving out. I mean considering this was the main address on the website of this globally marketed product it was a bit surprising but I wasn’t dissuaded.

That’s how powerful their marketing was! That night I ordered the product.

Roloxin Lift Review

I followed the instructions and tried the Roloxin Lift on my face and then my neck, then my husband’s face, then my girlfriend’s face, my neighbor’s face and finally reached the conclusion that this product is hype and nothing more. It does nothing. It didn’t fill in any creases or tighten any skin in the least. Nada.

At $11 for a teeny little packet I expected at least some smoothing of those little wrinkles around the lips (perioral wrinkles) but no such luck even those baby wrinkles couldn’t be softened.

Bummer. I will keep a look out for other products that work!

UPDATE 9/13/16: Well, I found a product that does exactly what Roloxin Lift claimed to do but actually works!! Check it out!

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