Botox Alternatives (Part 3) : RT001 Topical Neuromodulator (like topical Botox!)

Topical neuromodulator?? Does dog tree chimney apple spoon teepee make about as much sense to you? Then keep reading because we’re talking about a product that freezes your frown lines like Botox, but without the needle! 

We are approaching nirvana ladies! I’m so excited to tell you about the latest technology, topical neuromodulators. Let’s start with the basics.

What are Topical Neuromodulators?

A neuromodulator is a product that smooths out wrinkles by disrupting the voluntary muscle control as well as the autonomic nervous system, stopping the movement of muscles that cause frown lines between your eyebrows(aka 11’s or glabellar lines) and crow’s feet (ake lateral canthal lines) around FFour eyes.

You’ve heard of Botox, Dysport and Xeomin, right?

So, a topical neuromodulator is one that can be applied on top of the skin instead of being injected underneath. Consider it like a topical Botox.

beautyblackbook heartBotox Cosmetic does not currently have a topical product in clinical study (2015). I am only using the name Botox as a reference.

The Science Behind Topical Neuromodulators

There are a couple topical neuromodulators in the pipeline now. The RT001 by Revance and ANT-1027 by Anterios.

The science behind them is pretty interesting.

Neuromodulators are relatively large molecules and, up until now, the only way to get them to penetrate the skin and reach the muscle necessary, was to inject them. But now, with the advent of an amino acid called peptides, neuromodulators can power through the skin by simply being applied to the surface.

Imagine a hitchiker trying to blow through a fence. She’ll probably get some resistance.  But put that hitchiker on the back of a speeding motorcycle – she’d make it through that fence in no time (and I know this because I watch Sons of Anarchy).

The motorcyle is the peptide, the hitchhiker is the neuromodulator (like Botox).

Types of Topical Neuromodulators

There are currently two of these bad daddies in the pipeline. The RT001 by Revance and the ANT-1207 by Anterios.

RT001 by Revance

In Phase 3 clinical trials for the treatment of crow’s feet, the RT001 by Revance is at the forefront of this cutting edge technology. Phase 3 is when a drug or treatment has already been tested for efficacy (the stuff works), dosage & safety (benefits outweigh the side effects), and is ready to test on large groups of people to confirm it’s effectiveness.

beautyblackbook heartTIP: Phase 3 is also the sweet spot for watching the ticker if the company is publicly traded!

Phase 3 must be complete before a product/procedure can be approved with the FDA, in order to market it in the United States. We should hear the results of the final study before the end of the year. If all goes well, I’m thinking this product could be available to us in the first quarter of 2016!

I feel confident that it will go off without a hitch as there have already been 17 clinical trials, with over 1,600 subjects, that have proven the safety and efficacy of the product.

Also, it’s interesting to know that two of these studies were double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled studies. This means that a placebo was used in a portion of the subjects, but that neither the subject nor the tester knew which was which.

This is done to be sure that the tester isn’t giving off any subliminal vibes that may effect the subjects expectations, and therefore the measurements for results. The study was bullet proof, chicas!

Oh, and the subjects were chosen randomly in order not to be biased with a certain demographic or gender which would be a confounding factor and make the experiment unreliable.

ANT-1027 by Anterios

The ANT-1207 by Anterios is currently in Phase 2b and a little behind the RT001. This does not mean it won’t be just as good as the Revance product and I will keeping an eye on this one too. 

I’d also like to mention that both Revance and Anterios are also in the process of testing products that will increase the longevity of Botox.

Revance has found, in Phase 1/2 studies, that patients using the neuromodulator combined with peptides (they call it ‘RT002’), enjoyed the botox-like results for twice as long as with Botox alone. (31.6 weeks vs 15.8 weeks) !

How it Goes Down

Botox in a cream

Topical Neuromodulator – Botox-like product but In a cream

Topical nuromodulators are pretty easy to use. The practitioner merely applies the cream to the treatment area and waits 10 minutes. Just like that! Results are comparable to standard Botox and will be a life changer for those who haven’t tried a neuromodulator like Botox because of their fear of needles.

The brand Botox Cosmetic does not currently have anything like this in the pipeline so in the beginning of next year, you may just be saying “I could use some Revance”.

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