Top 5 Fitness Trackers: Run, Jog, Walk, or Crawl, a Fitness Tracker Can Track It All!

top 5 fitness trackersI hiked two miles today. I did yoga for forty-five minutes. I swam fifty laps. Not really, but someone did (and I promise I was there in spirit).

Whether you’re already hard core into a routine, or just now embarking on a fitness regimen, you’re going to want to keep track.  Of something. And now you can, because apparently there is a workout specific tracking device for practically everything.

Fitness trackers have come a long way from the the basic heart rate monitors of before. Depending on the product, and I’ll share some insight on a handful, or should I say wrist full, you can track practically anything.

Tracking has become popular and it makes a lot of sense. According to the New England Journal of Medicine we can improve our health in a significant way, by simply keeping track of what we do. It helps us to become accountable and sets goals without us even realizing it.

Track everything and anything. Track the number of steps you take each day, track your heart-rate, your workout intensity, the number of calories burned, sleep patterns, and more, and in real time. Today we’ll talk about four of the more interesting fitness trackers on the market.

The Microsoft Band

Microsoft Band

Microsoft Band

This bad boy is very cool. The Microsoft Band comes with built-in GPS in order to assure distance and location accuracy, downloadable updates offer workout routines and tracks them, the built-in sensor monitors your heart-rate continuously, and the device also happens to be a multi-platform competitor to the Apple watch.

When enabled it can get text messages, abbreviated highlights of email, and incoming call info all displayed in a large font size, and in rapid, automatic succession!

The Fitbit Charge HR

Keeping in touch while working out isn’t high on everyone’s list, and in fact, being out of touch is actually a sought after feeling by many in the gym, Pilates or Yoga class, or on the running path or hiking trail.

Fitbit has an array of products, but the Fitbit Charge HR is the ideal stay-out-of-touch-with-others-but-get-more-in-touch-with-yourself product.

At $149 at the time of this publication, the Fitbit Charge HR will count steps and calories, track your distance achieved, monitor your heart-rate, sleep track and sleep detection, and let you know how many of the minutes of your day were active minutes.

Sleek and unassuming, the Fitbit Charge HR is good for anyone on either side of the bed.

The Polar M400

Push your boundaries by setting targets in all of the sports and activities that you do, through the Polar Flow web service app, with Bluetooth Smart.

The Polar M400 is powered by GPS, so if you’re a jogger or hiker, the M400 allows you to explore new routes without ever getting lost. And it does it all while measuring your pace, distance, and altitude.

The Misfit Bloom (for Shine)

Misfit Bloom with Misfit Shine in Black

Misfit Bloom with Misfit Shine in Black

Misfit Wearables has really hit the mark on this one. The Misfit Bloom is a stainless steel necklace that can house the activity and sleep monitor, the Misfit Shine.

Misfit Shine just snaps into the front of the MMisfit Shine just snaps into the front of the Misfit Bloom Necklaceisfit Bloom Necklace

Misfit Shine just snaps into the front of the Misfit Bloom Necklace

The Misfit Shine clips in effortlessly with a magnetic clip. Taking the tracker off your wrist, which is valuable fashion real estate, and putting it around your neck in a modern and elegant design that complements everything from casual to dressy, is what sets this activity tracker apart from the crowd, and in a very good way.

However, if you prefer it in watch style it comes that way too!

Misfit Shine Activity and Sleep Monitor Watch

Misfit Shine Activity and Sleep Monitor Watch

But there’s definitely brains beyond the beauty as it works together with your smart phone to track your running,cycling, swimming, hiking for stats and goals that you can set. The Shine wins in the versatility category for sure. Very fashionable. The bloom chain runs at around $65 and the actual shine with the watchband is $75.

Atlas Wristband

Atlas Wristband

Atlas Wristband

Coming in September is the Atlas Wristband. I thought it worth mentioning because of it’s vibration feature that reminds you at the ends of sets but also tracks the quality of your reps. Ladies, you cannot cheat with this fitness tracker or you will receive a sharp reminder!

I need that kind of coaching and will let you know when this cutie is available! The retail price is set to be $249.

Boiling it down though, I would say that if you’re interested in staying in touch,  the Microsoft Band gives you the most for your money. Mr. BeautyBlackBlack has got his already (overnight shipping yo!) and he loves it so he can feel like he’s working while he’s working out .

However, if you’re more about fashion and less about bells and whistles then the Misfit Bloom with Misfit Shine combo may be the way to go. I’m holding out for the Atlas and will let you know how that goes after I get it!

Enjoy!kim ann mailchimp


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