Bye, Bye Bulges With Warmsculpting™ by Sculpsure!

Ya know those pockets of fat that just don’t go with the rest of your body? Most of us do so today I want to talk about how SculpSure treatment utilizes warmsculpting™ to dissolve fat, painlessy and unobtrusively in three 25-minute treatments.

SculpSure is on my list of favorite treatments for melting unwanted fat so I’m so psyched to tell about it today!

What is SculpSure?

SculpSure is a 25-minute treatment that utilizes a 1064nm hyperthermic laser to permanently and non-invasively dissolves fat pockets on the flanks (love handles), abdomen, back, thighs, and submental area (those fun double chins and fat neck that we love).

The results of SculpSure can be noticed within 6 weeks but optimal results occur in 12 weeks after doing three treatments spaced 2 weeks apart.

Ideal Candidate for Sculpsure

bmi ranges

source Where do you rank on the BMI scale?

The ideal candidate for SculpSure warmsculpting are people who have bulges of incongrous fat in one of the above-stated areas.

This means that this is not mean to treat those who are obese. The ideal candidate has to have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or less:

The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) has a cute chart (below) that explains how your BMI is calculated but I just used this handy little  BMI Calculator that I found on the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute website.

Mine is 22.

Kilograms and meters (or centimeters)Formula: weight (kg) / [height (m)]2With the metric system, the formula for BMI is weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared. Because height is commonly measured in centimeters, divide height in centimeters by 100 to obtain height in meters.

Example: Weight = 68 kg, Height = 165 cm (1.65 m)
Calculation: 68 ÷ (1.65)2 = 24.98

Pounds and inchesFormula: weight (lb) / [height (in)]2 x 703Calculate BMI by dividing weight in pounds (lbs) by height in inches (in) squared and multiplying by a conversion factor of 703.

Example: Weight = 150 lbs, Height = 5’5″ (65″)
Calculation: [150 ÷ (65)2] x 703 = 24.96



Cheat Sheet:

  1. Since SculpSure uses a 1064nm laser length (depth), it is deep enough to bypass the epidermis (outer skin) and caused controlled damage to the fat cells themselves.
  2. As a bonus, this heat is at the perfect temperature (67 c) to cause the controlled damage necessary to begin the neocollagenesis process – the
  3. The more collagen in your skin, the tighter and smoother it is.
  4. This makes the SculpSure treatment ideal for melting the fat and tightening  the skin around it.
the sweet spot for skin tightening

Ideal Temp for Skin Tightening

The cooling system in the SculpSure keeps the skin cool eliminating the risk of burns.

is the ideal laser depth to reach the fat AND the collagen making it an excellent treatment for skin tithening

  • The 1064 nanometer is the ideal depth to reach the fat
  • The hyperthermic laser reaches the fat at 42pushes heat into the fat causing bubbles to form making everything so crowded that finally they implode damaging the walls of the fat cells which then leaves your body through the lymphatic system
  • So, the magic of SculpSure is the heat. Heat between 42
    • Ideal Temp for Skin Tightening

So, the magic of SculpSure is the heat. Heat between 42

Who is the Ideal Candidate for Sculpsure?


How It Goes Down

In the above video Laura Riehm, MD of, compares the Sculpsure treatment (on the left) to the Cool Sculpting treatment on the right.

The treatment takes 25 minutes per area. Such areas may be the upper abdomen and lower abdomen, flanks (our beloved muffin top), upper arms, thighs, and knees.

Given it is a non-invasive treatment and consider the SculpSure as a good options for anywhere you have abnormal fat deposits.

It’s a hands-free device that is strapped to the area with a belt, similar to the CoolSculpting procedure except for:

  • The device produces heat instead of cold.
  • It takes only 25 mins per treatment area.
  • There is no suction.

Also, supposedly this treatment feels a bit uncomfortable but does not hurt. Either way I would medicate because uncomfortable doesn’t sound OK to me! 😮

Although the SculpSure gets quite hot, the heat lasts for 25-second intervals with 10 seconds relief in between.

25 Seconds Hot & 25 Seconds NOT

The fat dissolves within the first week but the body must metabolize it before you begin to see the results.  As we know, not all metabolisms are created equal, so some patients saw a change in as little as 3 weeks but most saw it within twelve.

Does SculpSure Work?

before and after sculpsure

Clinical research presented at the 2015 American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery Annual Conference, spoke of a study of 100 patients treated in two U.S. multicenter offices.

Patients saw a significant reduction in the adipose layer of fat, 20 to 25% according to Dr. David H. McDaniel within the first 12 weeks.

Cost of SculpSure

Treatments range from $600 to $1500 depending on the areas being treated. And, as long as you maintain the same weight, it won’t come back! Decide to switch to a Big Mac diet? Well, maybe not so much. 🙂

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