Sermorelin Acetate – Fight the Aging Process One Injection at a Time

sermorelin for antiagingEvery now and then a product comes across my ever-alert- anti-aging-radar, that sounds so good, and makes so much inherent sense, that I shortcut my normal vigilant research. Hear me clearly. Every now and then. More like once, and that was Sermorelin Acetate.

When my husband’s and my NMD, Dr. Andrea O’Connor, suggested that he begin a Sermorelin Acetate regimen as a supplement to his regular treatment for Parkinson’s Disease, I admit I was leery. But hearing her explain the benefits, and taking into account how conservative (more like safe) she normally is, I was like ‘Excuse me, may I have some?’.

What is Sermorelin Acetate?

Also known as GRF 1-29 NH2, Sermorelin promotes the secretion of human growth hormone from the pituitary gland. Why is this important?

Because, as the production of human growth hormone (HGH) in our body drops with age, starting at about age 30, it can contribute to weight gain, reduced muscle mass, reduced bone mineral content, insomnia, and mental changes on how we view our wellness.

It causes an increase in our risk for heart disease, insulin resistance, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and the list goes on (don’t you just love aging?).

So, Sermorelin actually acts like a personal trainer to your own human growth hormones. This is different than the HGH used in the highly publicized HGH Therapy in two ways.

One, since the HGH used in HGH Therapy mimics our own bodies HGH, it has been speculated that this actually causes your body to stop producing as much on it’s own. Not good. Also HGH is a fortune at about $250 a month, as opposed to the $45 for Sermorelin Acetate. Fabulous!

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How to Get Sermorelin Acetate

You can only get it by prescription from a doctor. Then you must fill the prescription at a compounding pharmacy. Regular pharmacies like Walgreens or CVS do not carry this product.

Sermorelin Acetate Results

We’ve been on it for about a year now. We are on a 10/21 day regimen. 10 days of injections (oh don’t freak out, they’re just teeny little insulin needles!) right before bed, then 21 days off. The injections we use are 50 mg each, and are injected directly into our trouble spots (no idea if that makes a difference but it feels good regardless!).

Generally speaking, the impact is an overall improvement of the way you feel. Specifically, you will see improvements to the way your body reacts to exercise. I promise.

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Youth in a vial?  Well that may be overstating but, since I’ve been using it, I feel like I see a difference in my body. A positive difference, and I’ll take that anytime!kim ann mailchimp

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