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2015 has been an exciting year for us beauty-minded souls, and 2016 promises to be even better!  The past year has been pretty good to us in the way of beauty innovations.

We got some cool treatments such as  Kybella (ATX-101) to dissolve that under chin fat, the Cellfina for cellulite, the Profound for Skin Tightening, and of course both the UltraShape & Sculpsure for melting fat.

Shoot, I wouldn’t be surprised if,  by the time you and I are officially ‘old’, scientists will have found a way to stop the aging in our skin completely! (we can wish)

I say, speed it up!  And someone must be listening, because check out what’s new in Beauty for 2016!

beautyblackbook tipsBetter Sun Protection

There will be stronger, longer lasting sunscreens with ingredients such as Tinosorb S, Tinosorb M and Mexoryl SX, which are currently in the FDA pipeline.

Doesn’t sound exciting but remember, UV rays are a big reason why we’re dealing with aging to begin with!

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New Devices to Monitor Your Skin

way by waywearable

Devices, such as the WAYSKIN,  by WayWearable, that will be used to measure facial hydration levels as well as UV and humidity levels, to help provide tips on what your skin needs, exactly when it needs it.

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Topical Probiotics in Skincare

We may find that our hygeine practices change a bit in the coming year. With the advent of Mother Dirt and the research of AOBiome, we may be adding bacteria to our skin, instead of just getting rid of it!

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Better Injectables


Longer Lasting Botox

We’ve got a longer lasting neuromodulator in the works. A company called Revance has found, in Phase II clinical studies, that the RT002 is longer lasting than Botox in the treatment of frown lines! Phase III should begin in the second half of next year so I’ll keep you updated on that for sure!

Topical Botox

Uh, huh! We could very possibly see Revance’s RT-001, and Anterio’s ANT-1207 come to fruition, as the first neuromodulators that can penetrate the skin. This means NO NEEDLES. We’ll be keeping on top of those.

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Space Age Beauty Supplements


Exercise Pill

More research will be done on the peptide that has been proven to mimic exercise called MOTS-c. Can you imagine getting the full benefit of working out without actually working out?

Exercise is important for so many more reasons than being fit, but wouldn’t it be nice to give our workout that extra edge, without killing ourselves?

Appetite Control Pill

More research on a supplement being tested with IPE (inulin-propionate ester), that fakes out the brain to think we’re fuller, faster.

Fat Burner Pill

Drugs, such as the ‘imaginary meal pill’, Fexaramine, that sends a signal to the brain telling it there’s food to be burned, even though you haven’t eaten anything, to trick your body into burning some of those fat stores you’ve accumulated over the season.

Pills to Stop Aging

More studies on the role of senescent cells on aging as well as drugs to help keep those cells in check. We are getting closer to slowing down that clock, Ladies! I’ll be watching studies on this new class of drugs called senolytics, especially close.

Expect to see more of these kinds of studies in the coming year!

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More Hair Happiness

A Hot Tool to Color Your Hair

hot tool for coloring your hair

The University of New Mexico is 5 years into the development of a device that uses ion beams and the reflection of light, to change your hair to any color you want. Stay tuned for more about this in the coming weeks!

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Stem Cells for Hair Growth

Can you imagine having the ability to regrow thinning hair? Researchers found that adipose-derived stem cells (that means they were extracted from human fat), grew hair on mice!

Five out of the seven mice tested actually grew hair with the same DNA as the human donor. (ok, that made me a little sad 🙁 )

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