Spider Web Lift For Lifting Your Ass, Abs, Face, Arms, Breasts, Thighs, Knees…

What would you do for a long-lasting, youthful looking glow in your face, tighter, more defined abs, taut arms and a fantastic looking bum? Meet the Spider Web Lift.

The spider web ab and butt lift ( aka spiderweb technique) is taking off as the world’s newest non-invasive cosmetic thread procedure. If tiny needles don’t freak you out, and you want to look like a badass with some hardcore treatment photos, this procedure may be right for you.

What Is a Spiderweb Lift ?

Placing needles with sutures along the lines of the spider web.

Placing needles with sutures along the lines of the spider web.

The spiderweb lift is a type of thread lift using the spiderweb technique. A thread lift is a temporary lift procedure using sutures to pull the skin.

The spiderweb technique us a thread lift on steroids (!!!) and is purported to be able to lift skin almost anywhere. You can get a spider web lift on your face, neck, abs, buttocks, knees, arms…(and your spirits?)

The Science of the Spider Web Technique

Here’s a kick ass video to watch, otherwise I’m going to explain it below.

Unlike the other thread-mesh techniques, the spiderweb-like threads are super thin, and since there is no load on the threads you don’t have to worry about them pulling and getting weaker with time.

Super thin needles (below) are used to inject tiny threads of polydioxanone (PDS) synthetic dissolvable sutures, one by one, in a web-like pattern creating micro-wounds that begin the body’s natural repair system (neocollagenesis) to produce more than enough collagen to fix the wounds.

As the collagen grows it surrounds the threads in the web-like pattern in which they are applied creating support that initiates a lifting action.

The threads used in a spider web lift are generally thinner than the ones used in standard thread lifts. Also, as there is no pulling you don’t end up with puckering or scarring.

The doctor may next go over the area with an ultrasonic device to connect the threads for faster results. Additionally, she may use the Cihantimur fat transfer system to inject fat into each section of the web.

image of fat transfer

The Cihantimur fat transfer system the fat is purified and mixed up with stem cells to increase the viability of the transferred fat.

How It Goes Down

spider web technique on basically every body part

(photo grabbed from above video made by Estetik)

First, your doctor will draw a spider web pattern on your butt cheeks (or your abs or other offending area) and use it as a template to insert a series of small needles under your skin.

drawing a spiderweb on butt

First the doctor will draw a web on your bum (or whatever offending body part)

Next, Dr. Lift’em will numb the area with a topical jgel and start filling those lines in with needles. Sounds like a tedious job to be sure but you’ll be surprised to find that you should be in and out of your procedure room in under an hour (depending on the size of your, erm, webs).

Marcela Iglesias, who claims to be wary of invasive procedures, says her spiderweb lift treatments have caused her no pain. Check out this video of Dr. Aleix Bazzi weaving a web of needles into Marcela’s ass.

Check this out. It’s graphic (2 steps down from porn) but…

Spiderweb Butt Lift Procedure


As you can see, despite how painful it looks, she appears to be taking the procedure in stride.

Results of the Spiderweb Lift

Unlike surgical options such as liposuction or implants, getting your butt tightened up using the spiderweb technique has no negative side effects and presents little to no pain following treatment.

You can sit down, stretch out, and take all the selfies you want with your younger looking bum (yes, people actually do that).

The procedure can be performed on your face to perk up your smile and reduce fine lines or thicker threads can be used for areas prone to saggy, wrinkled skin like under the arms, around the breasts, and inner thighs.

Cost of Spiderweb Butt Lift

Marcela shelled out over $2500 to indulge in her spiderweb bum lift. Costs vary depending on what area you have treated, how extensive your treatment is, and where you live (NYC will cost more than in Buford, Wyoming).

Side bends, sit-ups, and squat sessions can typically be done at home for free, but where’s the fun in that?

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