Stop Sugar Aging with MEG 21 with Supplamine

MEG 21 with Supplamine is a topical skin cream and the only scientifically proven way to prevent and skin damage (fine lines, wrinkles, sagging) caused by sugar glycation.

What it Does

Well, you may or may not know but toxic sugar damages your collagen which is what makes your skin tight and youthful. It also causes cellular aging by damaging your telomeres, making your whole body age faster.

This is because some of the sugar you ingest ends up becoming toxic. Toxic sugar is terrible for aging.

MEG21 has a special ingredient that stops toxic sugar from happening thereby leaving your skin in it’s normal healthy condition.

What is Toxic Sugar?

Toxic sugar is bad because it has an unhealthy crush on certain protein cells and can’t help but latch on to them like a bad rash starting the maillard reaction or shrinking and hardening them (including our collagen and elastin!).

These newly shrunken protein cells get in the way of glucose trying to keep our system running and that includes the production of collagen and elastin too. Without functioning collagen and elastin our skin becomes saggy, wrinkle and crepey.

Collagen breakdown is THE reason our skin ages. More about how collagen works here.

Up until now there hasn’t been a product that addresses aging caused by sugar glycation. Now there is and it’s name is MEG 21 with Supplamine!

How it Works

A team of research scientists at Fox Chase Cancer Center (FCCC) in Philadelphia discovered a pain in the ass enzyme, that’s responsible for converting sugar-bound protein to toxic sugar, called FN3K.

When FCCC scientists joined the Dynamis Skin Science company together they discovered that a dual-action compound comprised of meglumine, amino sugar, and arginine, a natural amino acid, can actually neutralize toxic sugar.

If this interests you, you may want to check out Stop Aging Caused by Sugar Glycation.

See, meglumine is a badass amino sugar that is more attractive to the FN3K enzyme than actual sugar.

So, when meglumine is around it deters the enzyme from attaching to the sugar. This means our sugar is safe from becoming toxic. BAMM!

And as for existing toxic sugar, the arginine, a natural amino acid, neutralizes it. This means less cross-linking and no more sugar related damage to our collagen.

When you apply the MEG21 with Supplamine to your skin, the collagen underneath is spared from sugar glycation and you’ve just gone a long way in anti-aging your skin.

How to Use

I’m using the MEG 21 Smooth Radiance Advanced Formula and I truly love it.

MEG21 consistency

The MEG21 is a thick cream but your skin just sucks it up

I use one pump at night on my face, neck and chest after my toner and serums. The whole MEG21 skincare line is great for sensitive skin and I often use it to mix with my retinoid to help calm the effects of the retinoid.

Usually, new creams irritate my neck making it all red and splotchy but MEG21 w/ Supplamine caused no reaction at all.

There is no smell and the handy vacuum pump system makes sure you get every last drop. It runs about $130 but it lasts forever. I recommend using a light coat before your thicker creams which will help it last longer.

Hope you enjoy! And remember to let your beauty shine!