Temporary Breast Implants or Boobs For a Day

Temporary breast implants? Seriously. Now we can say, to boob or not to boob and mean it. Wondering what this crazy old lady is talking about? Well Instabreast of course!

Breast Enhancement Test Drive

As we age our boobs are one of the first things to make the change. Nearly one million boobs a year find themselves under the surgeon’s hand. And I’m not talking about the women on their first date with a surgeon.

I’m referring to the roughly half a million women that get a boob job each year. And I can guarantee that there is at least one question tickling the brain of each one, as she is counting backwards from one hundred.

Do I really want this?
Are they going to be too big?
Are they going to be too small?
Will they look natural?
Will I look like a bimbo, or worse?

InstaBreast 24 Hour Breast Enhancement

sodium chloride saline bag imageWell there is a fairly new procedure, the InstaBreast, that can help eliminate those nagging pre-surgery questions, and more. Developed by New York surgeon, Dr.  Norman Rowe, the InstaBreast will give you boobs for a day. Why get a boob job that lasts only 24 hours? I can only think of two good reasons.

You want the big breast look for an event, an evening, a weekend getaway, or you’ve been thinking of making the big step to a breast augmentation and would love to test drive a pair for a day. It’s a rare opportunity to give you the peace of mind on the size you’ve chosen, or really just to confirm that you really want bigger boobs.

Rowe’s procedure, sometimes called the lunchtime breast lift, can be done, literally, at lunch. In an extremely low risk procedure, saline will be injected into your breast tissue, around your nipple, and maneuvered to the shape and size that you desire. It’s really that simple.

The whole procedure takes about 20 mins and other than the possibility of slight bruising from the injection itself, you’re ready to bounce on out of the office in full boob regalia, in under an hour.

Cost of InstaBreast 24 Hour Breast Enhancement

boobs inThe procedure starts at $2500, depending on the cup size! Seems excessive knowing that a bag of sodium chloride with a primary I.V. set costs about 40 bucks –  I had a dog who needed daily injections and when she passed I still had a bag of good ol’ sodium chloride left. Anyone wanna buy it for $1000? 🙂

There aren’t many doctors performing this procedure. Actually I couldn’t find one outside of the mastermind himself (and I use that term lightly). However, the man redeemed himself a bit on an interview with The Doctors where he said that, if you do the InstaBreast procedure in his office, then decide to get breast implant at his office, he will credit your $2500-$3500 towards the cost of your new knockers.

That’s something I guess. A unique service if you think about it.

Only time will tell if this is actually a viable service to women or just a sales tactic for Dr. Rowe to attract more breast implant patients to his practice instead of the guy next door.kim ann mailchimp

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