Mr. BeautyBlackBook, Tequila, and Big Mouth Billy Bass – My Combo for Sanity

Big Mouth Billy BassDo you ever have days that you’re super stressed and seemingly nothing will make you feel better? I do, and I was having one this past weekend. Mr. BeautyBlackBook and I are headed out of town to go to a wedding.

I’m really freaked out about it since we have a dog on chemo and another that’s just psychotic, who doesn’t eat when I’m not around. But honestly, I’m just a freak whenever I have a trip planned.

So I’ve been a nervous wreck. But this past weekend, I may have found the antidote to my crazy pre-travel freakiness. And ya know, I think it would lift anyone’s spirits, at least for a couple of hours and that has some value right?

The components are pretty easy to come by:

heart1  Mr. BeautyBlackBook (or, since he’s not available then an off-label brand)

4  Shots of Tequila (Costco’s finest will do)

1 Big Mouth Bill Bass singing Bobby McFerrin’s ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’

First, Mr. BeautyBlackBook plies you with 4 shots of Tequila over a 15 minute period.

Second, he hands you the Big Mouth Billy Bass.

Super easy, and it really works! This is me 20 minutes after he found me in the fetal position under my desk.

I LOVE my Big Mouth Billy Bass! We’re leaving for the weekend – maybe I should bring him?

happy trails

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