ThermiSmooth Face: For Smoothing Out the Small Spaces

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Wondering if there’s a non-invasive, painless and zero downtime way to lose those under eye bags, crepey eyelids, and cigarette lines? It’s a hard YES.

The ThermiSmooth® Face is a ThermiAesthetics™ treatment that was specifically made for the tightening of the skin in the small spaces on our face like the fine lines around your lips and eyes (bags and crepey lids too).

What is the ThermiSmooth Face?

The ThermiSmooth Face is a procedure that uses controlled, non-invasive tissue heating to promote collagen growth under the skin. It uses the same radiofrequency (RF) energy as the  ThermiTight but, is different in that it does not puncture the skin.

The difference is in the happy handpiece called the ThermiTouch which is a thermistor-regulated hand piece that can be used with the ThermiRF™, Thermi250™ and  the ThermiVa™ machines.

teeny heartThis is important to you because it means that the procedure is readily available at more practices who already own any one of those Thermi™ units. Good times. 🙂

The ThermiTouch tip

The ThermiTouch tip

The ThermiTouch™ tip is non-invasive, meaning it doesn’t puncture your skin. While the non-invasiveness of the treatment is cool, what makes it unique is that it’s small enough to treat the areas under the eyes and over the lips.

The ThermiSmooth Face treats:

The ThermiSmooth Face has been referred to as the Spanx® for the under eye area so should definitely be considered when dealing with under eye bags or crepey eyelids.

teeny heartThermiSmooth also has a version called the ThermiSmooth Body used for treating cellulite and mild skin tightening on the body.


The Science Behind ThermiSmooth Face

thermismooth face

The ThermiSmooth Face uses controlled heat to promote the growth of collagen.

The magic of the ThermiSmooth Face, and really any unit that uses RF energy, is it’s ability to deliver controlled heat to the under layers of the skin. Enough heat to cause controlled damage which begins the neocollagenisis process.

Neocollagenisis is the process of making new collagen. We stop making it like in our 30’s and then, to add insult to injury, our existing collagen starts to go away leaving our skin saggy – kind of like a deflated ballon.

The ThermiSmooth, like the ThermiTight, employs just the right amount of heat to promote the maximum collagen growth in the skin (you can read more about that happy tidbit here).

The guys at Thermi refer to this as non-invasive dermal remodeling.

How it Goes Down

First, you and your laser tech or doctor will have a discussion about the areas of concern as well as your expectations of the treatment. I learned quite a while ago that the secret to a happy treatment  is having realistic expectations.

Next, a gel will be applied to the area of treatment. This serves as a conductive medium but also helps the handpiece run smooth over your skin. Finally, the practitioner will apply the unit using circular motions which generally feels like a mini heat massage on your skin.

Each treatment should take about 20 minutes. Although you may see improvement immediately, that will probably just be temporary inflammation. So you may be all like all ‘yaaaaa!!’ and then get a teeny bit disappointed in a day or so.

Immediately After 1 ThermiSmooth Treatment

Immediately After 1 ThermiSmooth Treatment at Z Center for Cosmetic Health

Just consider it a small preview of what to expect after several treatments. However, if you’re a sweller like me, you may want to count on ‘hangover’ face for a couple of days. Like, don’t do it the day before your wedding.

Before and After ThermiSmooth Face

thermi smooth for eyes

before and after thermismooth face

The Bottom Line

  • Number of Treatments: 3 Treatments spaced 2 to 3 weeks apart
  • Downtime: None (unless you’re me and swell up just thinking about a saltine)
  • Cost: $1500 average for a package of 3

If I had cigarette lines, crepey eyelids or undereye bags I would 100% most definitely do this treatment. 🙂

Click here to find a ThermiSmooth provider near you. 

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