ThermiVa Vaginal Rejuvenation (good riddance kegel ball!)

my little orchid became a wilting hibiscus

As we get older our lady parts get older too. We lose elasticity in our nether region, we discover our labias hanging in fun new ways and find ourselves shopping for kegel balls. Good times.

Well say bye-bye to your kegel ball and hello to ThermiVa, a no downtime, painless answer for some good ol’  vaginal rejuvenation!

What Happened To My Vagina?

My pretty little orchid more resembles a wilting hibiscus, I pee a little sometimes when I laugh and I don’t want to say that I’m cavernous down there but, if there’s a way, I’d like to improve upon that issue as well.

I’ve been doing kegel exercises and searching for my elusive “pelvic floor” for the past decade and I think it’s finally time for something more meaningful. Thank goodness for vaginal rejuvenation!

When we reach our 40’s or 50’s we experience the gradual loss of the sex hormone estrogen. Our vaginal walls become thinner and we lose elasticity and moisture. Also, about 20-50% of us can tend to get itchy after sex.

Plus, our vaginal muscles begin to relax making it harder to find the friction you need to make sex a happy interlude as opposed to a tedious project (you get me ladies, I know you do).

But, if that’s not enough, when you’re bodily fluids become less bodily and more fluid it’s time to consider ThermiVa. This is where I’m at.

What is ThermiVa?

ThermiVa Electrocoagulation Unit

The ThermiVa (pronounced thur-mee’-vaw) treatment by Thermi is a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment. Non-surgical meaning no scalpels, no cutting, no stitches and no downtime. Vaginal rejuvenation –  if ya don’t know my meaning then meet me back here in a few years. 🙂 xoxo

ThermiVa uses RF energy to tighten, reshape and lubricate your vagina. Women say that after getting a ThermiVa treatment they are also a lot wetter down there and have an easier time getting excited and reaching orgasm (which I probably should’ve mentioned first).

teeny heartThermi is the same company that offers skin tightening treatments like the Thermitight and ThermiSmooth, so they’re pretty established in the skin tightening industry and know their stuff.

The Science Behind Thermiva

ThermiVa uses a minimally-invasive electrocoagulation unit to apply radiofrequency energy and a small wand to apply controlled heat to the treatment areas. Controlled heat causes microscopic lesions which are necessary to promote neocollagenesis.

teeny heartThe units that ThermiVa uses are the same as the ones used for Thermitight and ThermiSmooth so if your doc does either of those treatments there’s a good chance they do this one as well.

This is how all tightening treatments work. We need collagen to keep our skin youthful but ours start leaving the scene when we’re like thirty and we don’t make enough to replace it. When it’s gone we have voids in our tissue causing our skin to get loose and saggy.

By applying controlled heat and damaging our tissue our fibroblasts, the foreman of collagen, begins the neocollagenisis process promoting the growth of brand new collagen.

beautyblackbook tipsThink of a pillow with lots of stuffing verses one with less stuffing.

This makes a lot of sense when referring to the labia, or the outside decor, but how can it make any real difference to the tightness?

Think of the vagina walls as elastic bands. You stretch that band enough times and it loses the elasticity necessary to clench together.

So basically, when the radiofrequency heat is applied, the vaginal tissues shrink and tightness is restored. This leaves you with enhanced sexual function and reduced urinary leakage.

How it Goes Down

The radiofrequency is applied gently intravaginally with a smooth probe. The same probe is then used externally to remodel the labia to improve its appearance.

For orgasm dysfunction, the probe can also be used in the clitoral area to improve nerve sensitivity. (dingdingdingding!)

Most women compare the treatment to a warm internal massage. There’s zero to little pain involved. It takes no prep, no anesthesia or even numbing creams!

The treatment usually takes about 30 to 45 minutes to complete. And the best part? It requires no downtime recovery. You’re able to pick right back up and continue your day as usual! You can go swimming, hang out in your hot tub and even have sex.

Some women notice a difference on the same day of the first treatment but you can expect to for sure feel something within two weeks. The maximum can be obtained after three treatments.

Cost of ThermiVa Treatment

Although you will see a result after the first treatment, they recommend three treatments 4 to 6 weeks apart.

Although costs of this treatment largely depends on your location in the country, ThermiVa can cost you anywhere between $2,000 to $3,500 dollars for three treatments. For single treatments just divide by three.

Also consider that you will have to have a touch-up treatment every year. I think I’d buy a pack of three, use two and see the results and if they were enough for me, I’d use the third for my touch-up in a year.

Summing it Up

First I have to decide, is my vaj is worth $3500 or would I prefer that money to go into the facelift jar? 😉 Mostly kidding but I definitely want to check other options before I make a decision I  will keep you informed!

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