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Top 5 Gifts For MenAs the hubby of Kim Ann, I learn a lot about what works and what doesn’t. I believe she’s made me a bit into a metrosexual – almost.  Being so, I was asked to choose the Top 5 Gifts for Men.

Here are the Top 5 gifts your man, brother, father or friend would be happy to get! Enjoy.


Clarisonic Alpha Fit Sonic Cleansing Tool ($189)

Clarisonic Alpha Fit

Clarisonic Alpha Fit

Guys care about their skin too you know! Ok, we might not intuitively know we should care about it, but eventually, we figure it out. (Not necessarily on our own!) Here’s a chance to let your man know that he should care about his skin.

The Clarisonic® Alpha Fit is an excellent way to start that conversation. Resistance? Well, just say:


And if he already pays attention to his skin, he will see the benefit of the Clarisonic Alpha Fit immediately. Not only does it clean off the day’s dirt and oil accumulation, it preps the skin for a smoother shave, avoiding any razor bumps or nicks.



The Peanut Cordless Clipper by Wahl ($38.29)

Peanut Cordless Clipper by Wahl

Nobody is a fan of the sprouting hair from anyone’s ears, let alone your man’s ears!? Or maybe he needs a bit of a ‘clean up’ in the nether region. Either case, the Cordless Peanut® by Wahl® is the perfect gift for any man (and it’s like a gift for you too)!

This cordless clipper set comes with four different length attachments for trimming your hair no matter the area. Sideburns, beard/goatee, the ears, and yes, the nether regions.  And the good folks at Wahl, have also included rechargeable batteries and charger.

A bonus, and the reason why it made my Top 5 list, is because it will trim the hair in and around the ear without any length guard attached, without catching you skin.



Plantronics ML20 Bluetooth Headset ($39.99)

Plantronics ML20 Bluetooth Headset

Plantronics ML20 Bluetooth Headset

The Plantronics® ML20 Bluetooth® Headset will change the whole dynamic of phone conversation with your man. Pay close attention to the length of your phone calls when he’s using his Plantronics ML20 vs. not using it.

Being totally hands free with crystal clear reception, you may find that his chatty phone conversation tolerance boosts a few levels.

The ML20 charges quickly and holds that charge. It has volume adjustment, uses double clicking as a handy redial and is the only Bluetooth headset that I’ve had that doesn’t die after a few months of use.



Coravin 1000 Wine System

Coravin 1000 Wine System

The Coravin™ 1000 Wine System. Imagine having a one ounce taste of that expensive bottle, without having to expose it to the air. The Coravin 1000 replaces the wine you extract, with a harmless gas, maintaining the integrity of the seal.

It’s really a great product for any bottle, regardless the cost. No more stale bottles of wine caused by your truly being a social drinker!



Cards Against Humanity (a card game for horrible people)

Cards Against Humanity (a card game for horrible people)

Cards Against Humanity™ is a party game for horrible people. At least that is what the box states. I like to think of it as the party game for the horrible person hiding inside of us all. When the game is over, we (hopefully all of us) put the horrible person inside of us back where he/she belongs. Hidden!!

The game is played by asking the players a question from the stack of black cards, and then the players pick the most despicable answer from their stash of white answer cards. You will quickly discover which of your friends has the most twisted mind. 🙂

Cards Against Humanity - First Expansion

Cards Against Humanity – First Expansion

Also, there are expansion kits to add new cards to the game!

Signing off to trim my goatee with the Peanut, while on the phone, Bluetooth connected, so I look good sipping an ounce of my favorite wine, while playing Cards Against Humanity. Capped off by cleaning my skin with the Alpha Fit.

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