Turkey Neck Series (Part 1): How To Avoid a Life of Turtlenecks

woman hiding behind turtleneckMama wearing those turtlenecks in the summertime? Rockin’ those scarves and chunky necklaces?
At first I was horrified to notice this phenomena, ladies wearing cool garb to camo that turkey neck.
It was on ‘Murphy Brown’ in that late 80’s and it concerned me, but not in a cold sweat kind of way -more like a that-won’t-happen-to-me kind of way. Well boy was I in for a surprise!

Whether you’re just noticing a bit of the turkey neck or it’s been bothering you for quite a while (OR if it hasn’t happened to you yet), pay close attention to these ways you can delay the aging in your neck. Do as I say ladies, not as I did.

Ways to Slow Down an Aging Neck

I say ‘delay’ because Honeys, you are going to age, there’s no way around it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use the products available to help ease the way a bit!


Neutrogena Pure & Free Liquid Sunscreen, SPF 50

Research comparing older skin that is regularly exposed to the sun vs sun-protected skin (like most of our butts in the winter) found that skin exposed has about 10,000 genetic mutations while skin protected had only about 3,800. Make sure to remember your neck when applying sunscreen.

Neutrogena is my choice and I can’t see myself changing that. I’ve tried them all and the Neutrogena Pure & Free Liquid is the one I’m using today. You should try it!


Our skin takes in a lot of pollution during the day. That, and the accumulation of dead skin cells, can block the entry of products that are necessary to slow down the aging process, so it’s important to exfoliate.

Arcona Cranberry Gommage Exfoliate

Arcona Cranberry Gommage

I love the Arcona Cranberry Gommage Exfoliate for a lot of reasons. It’s not abrasive and is gentle on your skin. This is because it’s actually the cranberry and rasberry enzymes that unclog the pores and no harsh granules. Also, the volcanic minerals and salicylic acid purifies your skin making it ready for whatever product you choose to apply.

Smells yummy too!

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

Dermologica Daily Microfoliant

If you know that your skin is sensitive to active enzymes and acids though, you may want to consider adding a touch of Dermologica Daily Microfoliant to your preferred cleanser. It’s just like very find sand in your hand. Pretty cool.
teeny heartTIP: Be gentle with your neck skin! It’s more sensitive than the skin on your face, so always consider that when choosing an exfoliant.


We don’t have oil glands in our neck which accelerates the aging process. By keeping it moisturized you can help keep it supple. Keep in mind that your regular moisturizers may not be thick enough. Right now I’m loving the Perricone MD Cold Plasma Sub-D. I recently started using it – I bought into the hoopla and it was worth it for sure!

Perricone MD claims that 87% of users reported an improvement in the appearance of firmness in their neck area. I really like it and do feel like I’m getting a little firming from it after I use it. It’s pricey though at $115.

Revision Skincare Nectifirm

If you’re on a budget try the Revision Skincare Nectifirm at around $50 as it comes in a close second and I cannot say I feel deprived when I use it! It’s super creamy and goes a long way. It’s scentless and very rich.

revision skincare nectifirm

beautyblackbook tips

TIP: Moisturize from the inside by drinking lots of water (boring advice but just do it)!


Neck Wrinkle Pad (avoid the tech neck!)

This is a newer discovery of mine so, at the risk of being repetitive I’m going to talk to you about a neck wrinkle pad (again!).

Ya see, the movement of your neck in everyday behavior, such as looking down at your computer, sleeping with your chin tucked into your chest or a super tall pillow, curling up on the couch watching tv or reading your Kindle, and even staring at your phone (tech neck ladies!), can all cause a prematurely aging turkey neck (all my personal favorite things by the way).

Collette Neck Wrinkle Pad by SilcSkin

I totally recommend you use a neck wrinkle pad.  Wear it religiously when you are home, or at least when you go to sleep at night. You will see a difference! For $29 you can’t afford not to try this!

Stop Smoking

Not to be preachy, I mean I’ve smoked my share of cigs, but not only does smoking kill you from the inside, it accelerates the aging process too! Mr. BeautyBlackBook say’s that it also takes a girl that’s an ‘8’ and brings her down to a’ 5′. I can’t speak to that but it’s one mans point of view. 😉

Sleep on a Flatter Pillow

Try a good memory foam pillow. It’s comfy and molds to your head instead of lifting it up, making those neck creases less visible.
teeny heartTIP: Um, you won’t have to do this if you use the Neck Wrinkle Pad. Remember that the flatter you lay the more fluid that collects around your eyes causing eye bags.


So if you’re not doing these things already, it is a MUST that you get started now. I did all of these things to my face, but I was young and stupid, and I didn’t think about my neck. Don’t make the same mistake I did.

And regarding that, next week I’ll be posting Turkey Necks Part 2 to talk about ways to fix a turkey neck that you may already have.beautyblackbook keeping you in the know

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