Turkey Neck Series (Part II): Fix That Aging Neck With a Little Ol’ Needle

Neck products are all well and good to stave off a much dreaded turkey neck, but what do you do once those inevitable neck wrinkles settle in for good? Seven words: I hope you’re not afraid of needles!

Turkey neck happens for a host of reasons including sun damage, weight loss, loss of elastin, collagen breakdown and, if your unlucky like me, heredity. Whatever the reason, it’s not very pretty, so today we’re going to talk about some simple, in-office procedures to smack down that less than welcome turkey neck.

5 Issues of an Aging Neck

Aging necks are not created equal so it’s important to identify the problem in order to choose the right solution.

Necklace lines

Necklace Lines

Necklace lines also extend lower onto the neck but this gives you the general idea.

Necklace lines are those fun little horizontal lines that we get across our neck. They’re caused by repetitive creasing due to everyday neck movements. As we get older, our skin is depleted of collagen and elastin, making it less likely for the skin to snap back, which causes permanent lines.

Platysmal Bands

Degrees of Platysmal BandingPlatysmal Bands, (I like to call them ‘abysmal bands’), is a fancy term for those vertical neck muscles that start to show through your skin in your mid 40’s or early fifty’s. Depending on the degree of banding, there are different treatments.

Above is a Platysmal Band chart for you to refer to when we start discussing treatments for those icky monsters (besides psychotherapy).

Saggy Neck Skin

Perfect example of saggy neck skin

Perfect example of saggy neck skin

Not so easy to look at, but relatively easy to treat, a saggy neck is probably the top complaint of middle-aged women.

Neck Fat (Double Chin)

double chin thin compressed no w

You don’t have to be overweight to store a teeny bit of fat under your chin.

First you need to determine if what you have is fat under there or just loose skin. OR is it a combination of both? Keep this in mind when considering your plan of action.

You can tell by simply pinching it. Is there a hunk of fat in there or does it pinch finger to finger then maintain that pinched look even when you let go? Victoria has a combo of both.

Crepey Skin

My crepey neck skin (1 year ago)

Ewww! Imagine how I felt when I saw this crap on my neck!

Well I can tell you, because I’ve been dealing with this first hand, crepiness is THE hardest issue to deal with in an aging neck. I’ve tried lots of things with some success but the ones I’ll talk about next is my fave for fast, temporary results.

Now that we’ve discussed the key issues of an aging neck, we can discuss the leading treatments and really what works for what.

Non-Surgical Neck Treatments

You can put those knives on the back burner for now, but how do you feel about needles?

Neurotoxins (Botox or Dysport)

Before and After Neurotoxin Injections in Platysmal Bands

Before and After Neurotoxin Injections in Platysmal Bands

A neurotoxin is a drug that temporarily paralyzes the muscle.I like neurotoxins as a first plan of action because of the immediate gratification, lack of downtime and cost. Here’s how they can help your neck.

Used For:

  • Botox Injectables for Necklace LinesNecklace Lines  – When injected into necklace lines, Botox or Dyport, can soften them making them less noticeable.
  • Saggy Neck Skin – When injected along the jawline it not only lifts the jowls a bit but tightens the lose skin under the chin.
  • Platysmal Bands (0 to 4 rated) –Neurotoxins for Minor Platysmal Banding When injected along the length of these bands, Botox (or Dysport) will relax the muscles making them less prominent.
  • Crepey Skin – A few well placed Botox (or Dysport) can temporarily tighten a crepey neck, making it feel tighter and less tissue papery.

Expect immediate change as you saunter out of that doctor’s office, but look forward to the final result within the next week or so. The effects of neurotoxins can last anywhere from 4 to 6 months.

Botox and Dysport are charged by the unit which ranges from $7 to $9 and up, Dysport being the cheaper but needing more for the same affect as Botox. I take about 30 units of Botox in those areas. For some reason Dysport doesn’t work for me.


TIP: Dysport is considerably cheaper (2 bucks a unit adds up!) so make sure you know what the doc is using and get charged accordingly. I’ve experience the bait and switch one or two times. Don’t let that happen to you!

In my humble opinion, I’d say that Botox (or Dysport) is a great first step when treating an aging neck.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers are comprised of hyaluronic acid and, when injected into the skin, adds mass which is handy to fill in wrinkles or pull up the skin directly below it.

Used For:

  • Necklace Lines  –  Dermal Fillers, such as Juvederm or Perlane, work wonderfully to fill in the creases of necklace lines, making them more uniform and less obvious. And now, with products such as the Juvederm XC, the effects can last up to a year!
Necklace Lines Before and After Dermal Filler

Necklace Lines Before and After Dermal Filler

  • Saggy Neck Skin – By injecting fillers along the jawline and in front and below the ear,it can lift the skin a couple of millimeters making it appear tighter.

The procedure isn’t painful if you’re first numbed with a topical cream, like lidocaine. The viscous material doesn’t burn going in because most of the main brands are mixed with lidocaine and numb leave the syringe.

Dermal fillers are charged by the syringe. Syringes range from $350 to $550 depending on where you go and the brand. This lady probably used one and a half syringes.

heart.jpgTIP: Some doctors offices will let you buy partial syringes, others will charge you the full price for the partial syringe but save it for you to use another time.  Then there are the ones that charge you for a partial syringe and won’t save it for you! Those you do not want to use because you will find yourself over filling in order to get your $ worth.


First you need to determine if what you have is fat under there or just loose skin. If it’s fat you have a couple of options available to you.

atx101Used For:

  • Neck Fat – When injected in a graph in the fat under your chin, ATX-101 can destroy the fat membrane and the fat is filtered out of your body  underneath the jaw that causes a double chin.

(also, you may want to consider Kybella)

So, that about covers the injectable options to help smooth out a wrinkly, saggy neck. Make sure to nip that aging neck in the bud chicas, or else you will end up chasing it for years before you realize you’ve no other choice but to go under the knife!

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